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Vaginal Trichomonas

Infectious disease of the urogenital system trichomoniasis, is a consequence of the effects on the body of the parasite called Trichomonas vaginal. Just specify that the opinion of doctors on the nature of the origin of the disease is divided, with some attribute it to the STD part to infectious.

In terms of prevalence of Trichomonas, we will specify that each year in the world recorded up to 170 million cases of infestation, and these data take into account only the information from the examined patients, so we can assume that the real picture is even more depressing.

As infecting Trichomonas

As we have noted, the basis for the development of urogenital trichomoniasis is activity simplest single – celled organism Trichomonas vaginalis.

Important! In the human body is always two species of Trichomonas, oral and intestinal, but the disease of the genitourinary system causes only a vaginal parasite.

In principle, the term Trichomonas refers to the microorganisms that are killed almost immediately in the environment, but they can for some time be present and on wet linen, washcloths. That is life moist environment.

Transmission of Trichomonas is through sexual contact, however, is not the only way of transmission, note that it is rare, but infection is possible in the following ways:

  • Vertical path. With the passage of the fetus through the birth canal if the mother is infected, Trichomonas affect a child.
  • Household way. Some doctors believe that Trichomonas can be transmitted through a towel, swimsuit, etc.

Important! Household transmission is still not received empirical evidence, so it cannot be attributed to the 100% version of the infection.

Just to say that vaginal Trichomonas is combined with other sexual infections, including chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea. This is because the simplest microorganism are easily swallowed pathogens.

In addition, today we can say with confidence that Trichomonas involved in transmission

Note the factors that contribute to the development of urogenital trichomoniasis, caused by Trichomonas vaginalis:

  • Disorder in the functioning of the endocrine system, and as a consequence – a violation of hormonal background.
  • Violation of metabolism in the body.
  • Hypovitaminosis.
  • Bacterial contamination of the vagina in the course of which changes the acidity of the vagina.
  • Menstruation and poslemenstrualny period.


The basic pattern in symptoms for women, so pay attention to them, and will start with the description of the acute form of the disease.

In acute andvodstroy the form of trichomoniasis, the patient complains:

  • Abundant and foamy discharge accompanied by a very unpleasant smell.
  • Itching and burning in the vulva.
  • The discharge may be yellowish or even greenish shades.

If Trichomonas spread and hurt the urethra, the patient displayed symptoms similar to the manifestations

Now turn to the manifestation of symptoms in chronic form. Just specify that this form is characterized by prolonged course and relapses, which are caused by violation of the simplest rules of personal hygiene, and a reduced endocrine function of the ovaries and certain chronic infections.

In the chronic form patients complain of itching, but the process of inflammation expressed little, increasing only during periods of exacerbation.


The duration of treatment for Trichomonas vaginalis is up to two weeks. In most of therapy is used:

  • Metronidazole.
  • Terginan.
  • Trihopol.
  • The glaygl.

Dose and duration are determined by the doctor depending on the duration of the disease, and given what the symptoms are and whether there is comorbidity.

Drugs can be administered in the form of local medicines and orally in a pill form. Topical treatment involves using creams, ointments and vaginal suppositories.

Note that treatment of Trichomonas in pregnant women drugs imidazole group can be started only from the second trimester, before the components of the drugs are dangerous to the health of the fetus. In this case, just use the treatment with other drugs , for example, you can use trichomonacid, trichozed in the candlelight. They are less effective, safe to the fetus.

During treatment is not recommended to drink alcohol and to live a sexual life. In addition, must within three months to check.

After the period of the main treatment is over, you must restore the vaginal flora and then you can say that Trichomonas destroyed, and trichomoniasis cured.