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A mole hurts what to do

From a medical point of view of the mole are pigmented formations that are formed as a result of pathology of our skin. Moles can be present on the body immediately after birth (congenital moles, birthmarks) and appear on the skin in the process of growing (acquired nevus). But what to do when a mole hurts and around it is formed a reddened area?

What you need to know about moles in the first place

Absolutely any part of the human body can become a place of localization of the mole, and it may be not only the skin, but also mucous membranes (mouth, tongue, genitals, vagina, anus) and choroid of the eye (conjunctiva, iris). It is most often in women, there are moles in the mucous membranes.

The size of moles is varied, the most common small moles whose diameter is from a few tenths of a millimeter to 1 centimeter. The appearance of the nevus as is different, this may be just a pigmented spot or a dark hump rising above the level of the skin. There are many varieties of mole is flat and convex, smooth and covered with hairs, with a broad base or those that are attached to the skin by a thin stalk.

These tumors are most often benign in nature, but it is noted and their viral nature of origin.

Why is starting to hurt a mole

Of disease of moles often appear as a result of their injury or in the case of susceptibility to this often painful condition moles lead to the development of malignant tumors, i.e., melanoma (skin cancer). To injure the mole is completely random, for example if it is convex it is easy to catch clothing or other objects, as well the probable scratches or cuts after shaving (moles on the face, armpits, legs).

Some moles initially tend to degenerate into a malignant form, and under the action of external stimuli, e.g. direct sunlight, there is activation of this process.

Disease of moles expressed by the appearance of asymmetry in its shape (edges become uneven), rapid growth in diameter, the color becomes uneven when you touch start to bleed there is a feeling of itching and painful sensations.

What to do if you do get sick mole?

If you have a sick mole, you should not attempt to relieve pain or reduce inflammation, you must consult a specialist. When you visit the clinic you should not dwell on the advice of a doctor, during which your doctor will explain the reasons for this state of the mole after the operation you needhave to pass tests in order to ascertain the nature of moles, prescribe treatment and explain the possible consequences of its removal.

Most often after inspection and testing painful mole is removed, at the moment there are several methods, including removal by laser, liquid nitrogen or electric current. In order to fully be sure that the mole does not reappear, you should undergo a course of chemotherapy, when administered by your doctor.

The main purpose of chemotherapy is to ensure the complete cessation or at least slowing the growth of cells due to reproduction which formed the tumor, because even after the procedure

What to do if a mole itches just?

    • If your mole does not hurt, just itches due to external stimuli, you should try not to disturb her. Do not try to scarabot her fingernail, manicure scissors, or even available under the arm with a toothpick. An experienced dermatologist will be able to offer you a lot of money, relieving the itching sensation. If you go to the hospital, gently scratch the mole with your finger. You can lightly press down on the mole and then release it will also help to get rid of the desire to scratch it with something.

      An extreme case of this situation is the wetting of the bandage with a solution of vinegar and water and apply it on the affected place. If you accidentally blaine your mole, you must immediately carry out treatment of the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and then to cauterize medical alcohol, in the best case lubricated green paint, because if you do not do this in time, bleeding moles can continue for a long time.
      In some cases, when the mole began to hurt, we blame ourselves.

      Remember about safety measures

      If your body a lot of moles, among which are not only flat, but also convex, it is necessary to remember some safety precautions. In order to avoid malignant degeneration of your moles, you need to reduce the time spent in the sun, especially in summer.

      On vacation you should always use a sunscreen in the form of creams, lotions, they will assist in the fight against penetration of ultraviolet rays into your skin. If you regularly visit a Solarium, you should periodically inspect your body, in order to identify possible changes in your moles or commit a rash of new spots. Strict adherence to these rules will ensure the preservation not only of beauty but also the health of yourbody.