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What to do if the mole is growing

Every body's got birthmarks. Previously around the mole there were a lot of rumors and beliefs, for example, it was believed that if your body has a birthmark, you can see only with a mirror (back, neck), then you are born under a lucky star.

Moles are not monotonous, literally each of them individually, they are the perfect color (from light to dark brown), lip above the level of the skin (flat and raised), the position in the thickness of our skin (superficial and deep), one can add a charm, the other to ruin the look of their ugliness.

In our time, we don't even pay attention to all of their moles, especially if they do not bring us any inconvenience. Expert opinion differs from ours, they believe that a large number of

The research on the causes of degeneration of moles

In the course of research, scientists deduced the theory that the probability of degeneration of a nevus into a malignant tumor depends on the time of its appearance on the body, congenital moles rarely transform into melanoma (a type of tumor that lead to skin cancer) than moles that appeared on the skin in the process of growing. Among us there is a stereotype, according to which the prominent birthmark or mole with a hairy surface are considered the most melanotaenia, although in fact most often there is degeneration of moles in some places, the localization of which are the soles of the feet, hands, inner thighs. In addition, the risk group includes moles, constantly giving in to pressure or friction, is a neoplasm in the area of the waist, neck and, for example, under the strap or under the hard collar of his shirt.

In addition, for regeneration and specifies the initial size of the moles. It is proved that moles from medium-sized and larger, often transform into malignant tumors.

The increase in moles is the initial symptom of its degeneration into a malignancy, the following features is its seal, color change (discoloration or darkening of moles). In addition, if on its surface there are cracks that are bleeding and itching sensation, you also, do not ignore it.

In order to avoid the development of melanoma, it is necessary to timely detect the symptoms, heralding its appearance:

  • to check the symmetry of the large moles;
  • to check the smoothness of the contours of the moles (if they are serrated rebirth of nature);
  • verify the changes in color (to explore all possible streaks and blotches on its surface);
  • to periodically check the growth of the nevus, measuring its diameter with a ruler;
  • to monitor the occurrence of such changes as the volume, structure and growth of the nevus;
  • once a year to visitdermatologist and oncologist at presence on your body of moles in a large number or large sizes (especially after summer vacation).

Began to grow a mole, what is the reason?

Degeneration of moles from benign to malignant occurs gradually with various modifications. The increase of moles on the body is a sign of possible


    • Methods of removing moles

      There are several methods of removal of moles, but you should know about their effectiveness, for example, the method of moxibustion moles with liquid nitrogen, not so effective. In the procedure of cryodestruction, is only part of the mole that protrudes above the surface of the skin, so you should not even think about its complete removal. On this basis, there is a likelihood of re-sprouting mole on the same place.

      Electrocoagulation method is also suitable for mole removal. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes up to 20 minutes of time. Holding nevus removal this method allows you to conduct a histological examination of the removed tumors.

      Mole removal with laser is considered the most suitable method

      In those cases, if rapidly growing nevus in a child at a younger age, you should immediately consult a specialist should not solve the problem at home, since mole removal is quite dangerous procedure that may lead to various diseases.

      Once you remove the mole on the skin will remain a small scar, the surface of which is covered with a crust. The skin must be processed within two weeks (until complete healing of the wound), a strong solution of potassium permanganate or any other remedy with antiseptic and speeding up the healing properties. On the healing time of the sores should be avoid visits to the baths, swimming pools, taking a shower, is completely eliminate the ingress of water. In that case, if the remote mole was on my face, wipe skin cleansing lotion applied on cotton and allowed the application of creams and completely prohibited the use of during the healing process cosmetics.

      The crust formed on top of the scar should disappear on their own, should not force her to tear off from the skin. A week after the procedure, removal of moles should visit a doctor for the examination.

      Finally, it should be concluded that the increase in moles in most cases occurs for three reasons it is the ultraviolet light (direct sunlight, Solarium), hormonal imbalance (pregnancy,puberty) result in mechanical damage to the surface of a mole.