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Are you sure that your mole is not dangerous?

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Why moles are reborn?

Sometimes it is enough a short-term impact of any negative factors to the mole, which have never bothered, have degenerated into malignant. There are some of the most common causes of their emergence, regeneration or increase in size.

  1. The restructuring of the endocrine system in puberty or pregnancy.
  2. Pathological changes in skin cells can cause an increased amount of active UV radiation (excess sun exposure). Permissible rate of exposure to the sun or Solarium for each individual – the lighter the skin, so it is less. In addition to the risk of melanoma, and sunburn can negatively affect the immune status of the organism. It is not recommended to sit under the sun in the daytime to pregnant women and children.
  3. Damage mole – clothing, hands, etc., causing an inflammatory skin processes, the risk of infection. For any, even minor damage moles recommend immediately

    Is it possible to remove moles?

    Remove navozov is done only by specialists after carrying out necessary laboratory and other studies. Any attempt to get rid of them on their own can lead to inflammation, and in some cases even such serious complications like melanoma, sepsis.

    In case of accidental damage to the formation can stop the blood with a cotton swab and peroxide, then immediately consult a doctor. If the stain is separated, save it and give it to the lab for analysis for the presence of malignant cells.

    There are characteristic signs by which one can determine that nevus is malignant:

    • after damage

      Moles: warning, danger!

      The main problem of development of oncological diseases is a very late appeal to the vast majority of patients to hospitals. Ignorance of the main signs of turning a small harmless spots on the skin malignant neoplasm and thoughtless attitude towards their health are the main causes of the disease. Most doctors determine the risk of the moles on its appearance.

      Depending on the risk of degeneration into cancer moles qualify for melanotaenia (the ones that can transform into cancerous tumors) and melanotaenia. Threat to include:

      • giant newuse (covering the entire face or chest);
      • blue newusa;
      • pre-cancer melanoma Dubras;
      • newuse Ott.

      The main symptoms of threatformations

        • Treatment and preventive measures

          Melanoma is one of the most aggressive and dangerous cancers. It occurs imperceptibly develops on the surface of the epidermis within 5-6, sometimes 30-40 years, and then selects a weak link – a pigment or a mole begins to grow in depth until of spreading to internal organs.

          And yet, removing all the dark spots on the body as a preventive measures can hardly be justified – after all, a lot of moles and melanoma is a very rare disease. When it is timely diagnosed the only effective treatment is removal. Malignant moles be surgical removal in the clinic, but in any case not at the beauty parlor!