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Is it possible to remove moles?

Experts after conducting a number of studies have determined that moles are benign tumors, but, nevertheless, they associate their appearance with malformation of the skin, which expressed a large concentration of dark melanin pigment. Most often moles appear on the body after the birth, but there are congenital moles. A large number of moles appears on the skin during puberty and in the period of carrying a child.

The average number of moles of each person comes from 10 to 40 pieces, they are each just different not only the quantity but also the forms and sizes, and pockets.

The big danger is the risk of degeneration of a nevus to a malignant tumor (melanoma), untimely discovery of which leads to skin cancer.

Is it possible to get rid of moles?

To get rid of moles can be different methods, but it is worth considering if you need it.

Spoiled appearance is often the reason people turn to clinic for removing moles. Some of us believe that to remove moles quite a hike in the beauty salon or to a specialist, like a dermatologist, a surgeon, some decide to remove a mole at home using traditional medicine. You should know that all of these specialists, listed above, are not so well versed in this type of tumors.

Often potential targets for removing moles become constantly exposed to mechanical stress, for example, RUB the clothes, underwear. Removal of tumors of this kind is a mandatory procedure, in contrast, it is a mole that violates the aesthetics of your appearance. In addition, the risk group includes moles that are in areas of the body that are constantly opened, as in this case, a fairly strong adverse effects of ultraviolet rays.

Not much to worry about, if after the active sunbathing or tanning on your skin became more moles, it's quite normal.

If you still have made a choice, and just decided to remove the mole, regardless of what caused this desire, so that it spoils your appearance or the fact that it bothers you, you should initially visit a doctor of dermotology. Only an experienced technician after a series of additional tests that can accurately say which method is right for you, and will also determine the location of the moles.

Is it safe mole removal?

There is an opinion that moles is still not worth it to bother and touch, but it is not so. The procedure to remove moles will never becomea predisposing factor for the emergence of new. Some moles are so problematic that their removal should be mandatory.

Here are some of the moles can be removed:

  • moles on the neck, exposed to constant friction chain collar shirt, a scarf;
  • moles that are located on places of the body, where they are permanent injuries caused by rubber bands and straps from underwear;
  • moles that are located in the armpits, because it is possible to injury in the process of shaving;
  • moles on the scalp may be traumatized when combing or by shearing.

It is worth remembering that even a small injury of the mole or its incomplete removal increases the risk of developing melanoma (skin cancer).

Is it possible to avoid the appearance of new moles?

    • Is it possible to determine the risk of moles?

      The most accurate answer about the danger and security moles can only give an experienced in this field specialist. But there are a number of changes with a mole, which should encourage you to visit a specialized clinic to check moles for malignancy and to choose the appropriate method of removal or treatment.

      The variances of the moles serve as the reason of visiting oncodermatology this:

      • Is it possible to remove moles celandine?

        Modern medicine at the moment, despite its development, cannot provide answers to all the questions about moles, because the nature of these tumors is unpredictable. It should not touch the moles in the home, especially in cases where you do not interfere and signs of rebirth are missing, too. It is best to contact the clinic where you can remove a mole under the supervision of specialists and after that examination, after passing the necessary tests.

        Methods of removing moles is quite diverse, so really choose the right method depending on the situation. For example, the procedure of electrocoagulation, can not only remove the mole itself, but to stop the possible spread throughout the body of malignant cells. Another method of removal of moles is a surgical procedure that is performed under local anesthesia with the application of cosmetic sutures at the incision site. If the roots of a mole is not located too deep to remove suitable cryotherapy (with liquid nitrogen cauterization). The most common method is mole removal with a laser.

        Folk medicine is usually contraindicated in the treatment of moles, however, shelves of pharmacies filled with a variety of means, which include celandine and other herbs. These tools are touted as an effective means to combat not only moles, but also withpapillomas and even warts. The question arises whether it is possible with their help to remove moles, on which there is a definite answer: "No!".

        Cauterization of warts celandine applicable, but in the case of moles, you should avoid this technique because moxibustion moles celandine, solution of iodine or vinegar will burn your mole and this can serve as an impetus for the development of melanoma. If you manage to avoid malignant transformation, the application of this method is to remind myself ugly scar on the mole.

        The biggest problem when dealing with moles is fear before going to a specialist. Many people prefer to remain in ignorance concerning the changes that occur in moles.

        People may not even be aware about the dangers give him a mole, but ignorance does not relieve him from the disease.

        You should be extra careful about sun baths, because skin cancer (melanoma), discovered 50 years is a direct result of the mistakes made in his youth.