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Black mole, whether to sound the alarm?

On the skin

Relation of colour of the nevus and the course of human life

If you examine the meaning of moles present on our skin, it can be concluded that much of the characterization depends on the color of moles. For example, the light promised to his master the same bright character and future.

In addition to the location and form of moles, a significant impact for the determination of the character of its owner it has the color of a mole. Black, according to experts, is considered the most dangerous to human life because it carries a risk of malignant transformation. Location

Black mole and character

Black moles since ancient times was considered a bad omen for the owner. Most often such people have a pretty hard life, and the collision with the failures may occur even in early childhood, but to postpone the imprint on the future life. In addition, it is believed that these tumors affect the condition (it is not pleasing to them throughout their life) and financial situation (no cash security).

If we consider the sphere of interpersonal relations, it is believed that the owners of the big black mole attract others. However, such people are not very friendly, to put it mildly, and this is the reason why they try to ignore or even shun. In addition, the owners of black moles can suffer from alcoholism, often change their place of work, after which a long time looking for a new one. Criticism of such people always meet particularly hostile, in some cases, there are even attacks of aggression.

The owners of black moles are constantly looking for blame for their failures among relatives, friends, colleagues, and sometimes even blame the government and society as a whole. This leads to the fact that around them, a vicious circle that prevents them to enjoy life. The strong-minded people often turn a blind eye to these failures, thereby fighting them, because negative thoughts and pessimism leads to even greater life obstacles.

The risk associated with black mole

If the black mole appeared on your skin in the process of growing, do not immediately panic, because it is, as a rule, is only one of the varieties of pigmented tumors. In medicine, the moles are considered benign tumors, which occur in people very often.

In cases where your bright birthmark changes color to darker, and in a fairly short period of time, you should seek the advice of a specialist. Any mole present in our body dangerous to its possible malignant degeneration, one sign of which is that a moleblack (discoloration of the tumors). It is the black moles have an increased risk of transformation into melanoma (skin cancer), so their holders should carefully monitor the possible modifications of their moles.

Pigmentation tumors may not change immediately, some patients of the clinics noted that the first mole appeared black spots, there are also blotches of shades of red or grey. This often indicates unfavourable processes taking place inside your tumors or body in General.

The change of the symmetry of the black mole is also melanomas: under normal condition moles, conditionally dividing it, we get two identical halves.

Careful inspection should be subjected to, and the edges of the nevus, which is flat and smooth, devoid of rough spots or any bumps (nodules) on the surface.

Black spots on the mole are not the main symptom of her malignant transformation, but if your mole's diameter is greater than the cm and continues to grow, it should be treated with caution and subject it to constant rigorous observations.

Changes in a mole, is different in its dynamics, so if the mole is black, and this process is accompanied by peeling and bleeding, you should immediately show it to a specialist. When choosing a doctor do not go to a regular dermatologist, aesthetician or surgeon that has undergone nevus requires taking oncodermatology.

Factors influencing the appearance of black moles and their degeneration into malignancy

    • Not in all cases, if you have a dark mole, is the development of skin cancer, changes in pigmentation may be associated with hormonal changes in the human body.

      We all know that UV rays (direct sunlight) contribute to the appearance of new pigment spots (moles, freckles) on your skin, but they can also affect

      Removal of black moles

      If your body, any mole turned black, you should not panic and immediately demand its removal. Remember: a black mole – this is normal!

      Wanton mole removal was never encouraged by physicians. In most cases, this procedure covers only those moles that are continually exposed to clothing or other external stimuli.

      If you decide

      Preventive measures

      In that case, if your skin is light enough and with a large number of moles, when choosing vacation spot is to give preference to a wooded area, and not hot countries with a tropical climate.

      If you still have a rest in places with highlevels of ultraviolet radiation, should limit sun time. Ignoring this rule may lead to unpleasant consequences for your health.

      Safe for sunbathing is the time before 10 am and after 6 PM.

      When choosing clothes for the beach you should prefer cotton or linen things, they are able to protect your skin from the adverse effects.

      After bathing you must dry your skin in the shadow and then go under the sun's rays (drops of water exacerbate the effects of UV).

      Those preventive measures are quite simple, but their implementation will save you from many serious problems.