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The appearance of moles on the body, what causes the appearance of new moles

Many are concerned about the appearance of moles, because some of they occur in large numbers. Causes everyone should know, because this will help you avoid congestion

Periods in life when there is the appearance of moles on the body

It is impossible to determine at what age do moles appear, because nevi (moles) can be not only acquired, but congenital. In most cases, after birth on a child's body lacks any pigmentation. By 6 months his skin begin to arise the first pigmented spots, and this process can continue until about age 24. After that, mole is very rare, and in old age they do begin to fade (fade) and even completely disappear from the skin surface.

That is why on the body of the octogenarian the elderly person, regardless of gender, moles, you will not find, at this age they completely disappear. But on the skin there are aging spots associated with hyperpigmentation. And with age, they appear stronger and stronger. Should remember this and not confuse them with moles. So, the question is, can birthmarks appear later in life, we can confidently answer: no!

Adolescence is a time of formation of the human body, at this time in humans is the increased appearance of new moles.

Body is usually difficult to find two identical moles, they usually vary in size (from several millimeters to several centimeters in diameter), color (brown, black, blue, red, pink), shape and structure (flat and drooping, angular and sharp, buhruvate and subcutaneous).

During the life of the moles may be subject to significant modifications, not only to appear but also disappear.

Why there are moles (causes and contributing factors)

All interested in the answer to the question of how moles appear, because at birth our skin is absolutely clean from these tumors. Most moles appear in the first quarter of a century, you have lived up to 25 years), and it is impossible to predict the time and place of the appearance of moles, and in addition, during this period they can disappear and emerge.

The reason for the appearance of moles on the body in each case, name the main of them.

Genetic predisposition

The appearance on the body a new mole is often associated with heredity, because the information embedded in DNA, passed from generation to generation. Therefore, such tumors are called hereditary moles, they have the same shape and size as your older relatives, and occur at the same place as them. In addition, often inherited and the number of moles. So closerelatives, you may notice same birthmark, for example, on the neck, face, fingers or the creases of the hands.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation

Exposure to direct sunlight has a significant impact on the production of melanin pigment, which is the basis of all moles. That is why solar radiation is the most important factor that causes not only the appearance of moles, but they increase in size.

What is this mechanism? Melanin when exposed to ultraviolet rays begins to actively produced in the skin, it turns out its excess — that's what has caused the appearance of moles in the summer time, especially under intense sun on vacation. This files most often exposed to direct sunlight formed small moles in the form of nodules, but in large quantities they form the whole of the colony. The abundance of moles on the skin among professionals is considered to be a risk factor for development of malignant neoplasms — melanoma (skin cancer).

Excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to the degeneration of any moles (often melanomas) in the tumor, and in some cases malignant.

Injury moles, exposure to viruses

    • The influence of hormonal changes in the body

      One of the hormones released by the pituitary gland has a very strong effect on emissions of melanin (responsible for pigmentation of the mole) and the formation of new portions of this pigment.

      The appearance of moles during pregnancy is associated with hormonal surges in the body, for the same reason they occur in puberty in adolescents. Moreover, under the influence of hormones moles can appear and disappear from the skin. Therefore, in these periods of life the appearance of moles is not usually associated with cancer, it's just the body's response to hormonal changes.

      Alternative medicine on moles

      Traditional healers in China believe that moles, and age spots appear after active emissions of the internal energy. These emissions are associated with inflammatory processes, in place of which it was accumulated (concentration and stagnation of internal energy in a particular area).

      Based on the above theory, we can conclude that moles appear on places of the skin, under which are the patients internal organs, and presence of predisposition to these diseases.

      Despite the diversity of causes of moles, the mechanism of their appearance is the same everywhere. The pigmented areas of the skin always occurs due to the congestion in her column of melanocytes, which will eventually move to the surface of the skin.

      Therefore, to find the causeoccurrence of moles is you only by a qualified specialist, he will determine the level

      Preventive measures against moles

      It is impossible to completely avoid the appearance of moles, because their number is laid before a person is born. All this happens in the womb and due to genetic factor. The appearance of new moles can occur because of UV exposure, the impetus for their emergence become stressful situations and adverse environmental conditions (work in hazardous work), and receipt of radiation.

      In the age of reason can only slow down the process of their occurrence or to move it to a short period of time, which requires:

      • during the summer holidays to try to completely eliminate the threat especially being under direct sunlight between 11 to 17 hours;
      • remember that there are factors, doubling the effect is absorbed by the skin of ultraviolet radiation is water droplets, snow, and even sand;
      • do not rely totally on a sunscreen, such as various sprays, creams, lotions, advertisement which referred to the absolute protection of the skin from sunburn and the risk of developing melanoma;
      • to unsubscribe from overuse Solarium, which not only leads to the appearance of new moles, but also to the development of skin cancer, especially for women over 30 years old.
      • do not touch moles without the need to closely monitor their condition, detection of abrupt changes should be referred to a specialist.

      Many people live absolutely not thinking about their mole, but the implementation of preventive measures was welcomed always.