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Inflammation moles, what to do if inflamed nevus

Moles on our body in the majority are benign growths and usually they do not change over time. However, at any time may occur inflammation of the moles that will lead to the development of cancer, including the melanoma.
In some cases, on the human body begin to appear white moles, this suggests the poor performance of the pigment cells that produce melanin. White patches around moles can be of different sizes and shapes, so don't worry too much, if that appears on your body spots are non-standard sizes and shapes.

That appears around the nevus white spot can pass on their own after some time. In medicine this process is considered a disease of the skin called Vitiligo, and so far no effective treatment of this disease, most often after the designated treatment spot around the nevus and remains white.

The early signs of cancer development

In cases when a mole starts to change rapidly before your eyes, often involved the development of the cancer. Among the signs of Inflamed nevus is considered to be one of the signs of the possible development of melanoma. It is believed that birthmarks are the most vulnerable places of our skin, because they are not superficial, allowing for the penetration of malignant cells into the deeper layers of our skin.

With the development of melanoma, an important role plays the possibility of a rupture of ties between the malignant cells, that leads to their spread throughout the body and its organs. Because of this feature, you need to carefully watch for changes in your moles in order to fight the disease.

The appearance of red patches around moles

Emerged around moles red spot says its inflammation, and the nature of the stimulus that led her to this state may be not only explicit, for example, mechanical impact, scratch, constant friction), but also implicit (long-term exposure to direct sunlight). Long ago it was shown that the influence of ultraviolet rays causes changes in the cells of your skin, and this, in turn, can lead to degeneration of tumors on your body. People with light skin and hair is exposed to the greatest threat in this situation, because their skin is covered

Inflamed nevus what to do?

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  1. Initially, you must go to the hospital and make an appointment to oncodermatology. Strictly forbidden self-removal of edema, and redness around the mole, since any new growth on your skin can degenerate into a malignant tumor. Specialist, after examining your mole, will recommend an ointment relieving inflammation.
  2. If oncodermatology recommends you to take a biopsy, do it. This analysis is paid by all clinics, but the cost is small. Degeneration of nevus into a malignant formation is not in all cases, if you were diagnosed with intermediate stage of degeneration, the way to avoid melanoma will allow the usual procedure of cauterization of the moles, for example, liquid nitrogen.
  3. If you are on vacation reddened skin around moles, and you can't go to the hospital, you should treat it with medical alcohol, to the time until its complete healing. If possible, replace the alcohol tincture of calendula.
  4. If you have moles around the inflammation, you can treat the area with ointment, composed of antibiotics or which contains zinc and salicylic acid. Permitted to sprinkle inflamed mole with soap.
  5. In order to remove stains use linseed oil, which lubricates the inflamed mole. Thanks to the useful substances that go into its composition, linseed oil promotes rapid healing of wounds on the skin.
  6. At any pharmacy of tincture of celandine, buy it and then house it moistened cotton pad, make a compress on the inflamed nevus, but it is not necessary to leave it for a long time, will be enough and 10 minutes. This procedure should be repeated up to 3 times a day. Tincture of celandine has not only anti-inflammatory effect, but also helps to reduce the size of tumors, to completely get rid of it.

If your attempts to relieve the inflammation was not successful, the mole began to increase and in her neighborhood there is a seal, you need to immediately go to the hospital. The development of skin cancer is rapid, and experienced oncologist, identifying it at first sight, will provide you need help.