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The meaning of moles on the body, neck and face men and women

As you know, moles are practically at each person, someone less, someone more, but everyone has. Some people are allocated several large moles, thereby pushing all the little moles on the back burner. Many moles on the body can have nothing to say, and may indicate various symptoms. Some things are just the opposite, very many small, flat moles, which are located throughout the body. Often a group of moles is in the form of some geometric figures, thus carrying some information about the person. There are also certain places for the location of the mole to tell them about the person a lot. Also have

The meaning of moles on the body men and women

Since ancient times, people observed the location of moles and birthmarks. Most people, of course, was interested in the meaning of moles on a woman's body :). Information about these facts and came to our times. For example, it has long been believed that the

The meaning of moles on a woman's body

If you have a lot of moles on my face, the next material has been prepared for you. It is known that the meaning of moles located in the same place, men and women differ markedly. Therefore, first look at the meaning of moles in females.

The meaning of moles on the face:

  • (1) the Mole is located between the eyebrows so-called 3rd eye of Shiva, the holder of such moles have very high intuition, great intelligence and thirst for knowledge of mysticism.
  • (2) In the right corner of the eye is a birthmark like that is endowed with jealous, passionate and lagerstroemia people.
  • (3) In the right century – people, as a rule, with a poetic nature, having tendency to the development of the intellectual professions.
  • (4) Under right eye – the holders of moles in a given place are the most loving people in the world. The love in them never dies and they until the very last day ready to give my soulmate love.
  • (5) on the right side of the nose, near the corner of the eye – people with such a mole, as a rule, I like making short novels and often very changeable personality.
  • (6) On the bridge – such people have great passion for travelling, big dreamers and lovers of creativity.
  • (7) on the left side of the nose, near the corner of the eye – holders of such moles all the time unreasonably jealous and by nature are egocentric in nature.
  • (8) In the left corner of the left eye – People with this mole can't live in peace, they constantly need new sensations to the already-established marriage.
  • (9) Over the left eye on the left side – location suggests that the person feels a psychological clamping, and arising through their own fault.
  • (10) Right above the left eye – Intangible sensuality, have a veryrich in experiences of marital life.
  • (11) At the tip of the nose, – personality is very complex. Love to complicate everything, especially a loving relationship, also will not pass by anything forbidden.
  • (12) On the center of the front of the bone that sticks out under the eye. (right side) – a man is given all the passions, loves tangled.
  • (13) On the right cheek – the owners of this mole ever happen any quarrels and followed by a quick reconciliation. The priority of carnal love than Platonic.
  • (14) Under the right nostril – individuals with a high intellect, but with that they have extraordinary destiny.
  • (15) In the hole in the center of the upper lip. – the owners are those who like to travel, to be independent and love to have fun.
  • (16) on the left side above the lip (where most girls pierce the lip and insert the earring) – such people are very generous, loyal and eager to be a mother.
  • (17) the Left side of the nose – people have a tremendous seductiveness, not against making a scene or to show their shocking behavior. Love all the different. But when you marry – then it all totally.
  • (18) on the right side above the lip (where most girls pierce the lip and insert the earring) original people with imagination. Very sensual.
  • (19) on the Right side, just below the corner of her mouth – eager to be unique and have a great love.
  • (20) the location of the nevus usually indicates frequent depression and possible psychological clip.
  • (21) At the center of the front of the bone that sticks out under the eye. (left side) – fans of tangled relationships and variability in romantic relationships.
  • (22) Just above the lip on the left side – the owners of this moles painfully like to manipulate someone else's beauty. This often leads to cheating.
  • (23) On the left cheek – the Owners of the moles to be envied, as in their minds forever a full order, and the idyll. All laid out on the ground, there is no chaos. Such people are able to evenly develop both spiritually and physically.
  • (24) Under the lower lip – people with a fragile psyche.
  • (25) On the chin – as a rule, people who wish to have a traditional family. Balanced, lovers of the quiet life. Conservative in their views.

So pay attention to the meaning of moles on the face, perhaps you will discover something new.

The meaning of moles on the chest

Everything is much easier. If the mole is located on the right chest – means that the owner often can not find balance, and rushes from one extreme to the other. On the left breast – the holders of a frivolous nature.

The meaning of moles on the waist

The winner of the mole in this area may rejoice. This mole will bringyou have lots of babies. The larger the mole, the more you will have children.

The meaning of moles on his shoulders

People with such moles are constantly lucky. If the mole is located on his left shoulder – you may experience financial difficulties.

The meaning of moles on hands

    • The meaning of moles on the ankle

      People are hardworking, independent, energetic.

      It is worth mentioning that the meaning of moles on a woman's body to the end not solved to this day, so things may or may not be descriptions of many cases.

      The meaning of moles for men

      Everything is much easier. Than women. Less problems and nuances. Some of the location of the mole partially coincide with the values in women. Consider what is different:

      • To be on your forehead – if you have moles located on the right side of the forehead – you will find success, happiness and glory.
      • On the neck – If the mole is located on the front of the neck – you will have a great stunning career. If the mole is located on the side – expectations savory life.
      • On the ears – such people do not know the worries in your life.
      • On the shoulders of the hardworking people who work like a horse, and thus their lives are filled with difficulties.
      • On the back – such men are honest and open.
      • On the legs – usually, people are hesitant.
      • On the buttocks – lovers to wallow.
      • On feet – if moles and on the other, and on the other foot – you like to travel. If only the left foot – you are dreamy and witty. If on the right – not the destiny to you to see the light.

      There are also neutral definition for the location of the mole. They affect women and men. Let's look at the most basic

      • Mole under hair on head.

      Most of these moles occur in deep thinkers who are able for a moment to renounce everything on Earth and immersed in thought.

      Nevus, which is located at the back promises that its owner is very hidden. In a past life could commit a bad deed or murder. But do not forget. What if the mole is non-convex and is a small speck, then the person may not even know about its existence.

      A mole on the shoulders

      The holders of such moles as would carry on their shoulders a heavy burden of karma. Moles are in this together with the problems can be passed down generation to generation. The whole race from generation to generation will make the same mistakes, as long as someone will come out from this vicious circle.

      • Moles on the stomach

      It's the people who all show their bravery and thus no issue of his fear. Often become slaves to their desires. If the mole is located at the center of the abdomen, such people canyou can achieve great success if, of course, make every effort. Such a person endowed with will-power, may at any time permanently abandon the drinking of alcoholic beverages or any product from your diet.

      A mole on the back

      If the mole is located closer to the shoulders, this person is very demanding. If he will do some sport, you will certainly demand the same from their relatives and friends. Such people often become tempered and taught to the children. But despite all, such people do not feel very healthy as a rule, in childhood they were born weak and often ill. If moles a lot then men should check the lungs, bronchi and women.

      As you can see, the meaning of moles for men is significantly different from the values of the moles in women, which once again proves the fact that scientists are more attracted to the study of moles on the female body :)

      That's basically all. If you have a lot of moles on your body, it is best to consult a doctor, because some of them may hide substandard moles, which eventually develop into melanoma. I want to reiterate that the above material might not match the reality of a person. Moles and their meaning – a thing very relative and contestable. It all depends on the individual. And if one all is well in life and are, at others it may be all very different. Not the fact that the meaning of moles on the face and other parts of the body can exactly mean what is described in this article. So don't take much, but listen and analyze.