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How to withdraw freckles: bring the bird eggs

So happened that people have the freckles has developed made ambiguous relationship. Some people think they are something exotic, a sign of beauty (particularly of girls), while others on the contrary can't stand the freckles and try by all means to get rid of them.

To judge this dilemma is not very easy. If the person is red-haired and his skin was pretty light, then surely he will have freckles so ordered nature.

Hardest freckles appear in spring and summer, when more the sun shines, and, on this basis, it can be argued that in this way the human body reacts to the ultraviolet rays. Most often places the location of the freckles become parts of the body on the back, chest, shoulders and especially on the face.

In essence freckle is spots appearing on the human body under ultraviolet light. Redheads, blondes are characterized in that their bodies contain a small quantity of melanin in the skin, and this leads to increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation). In such cases, the pigment contained in the skin, acts as a protection from sunburn.

Freckles and their causes

Quite often they are the catalyst that the body is extremely unevenly distributed melanin. One reason for this may be a complete deficiency, in particular a lack of vitamins such as A and C.

Also the reasons for the origin of freckles can be attributed to liver disease and various disorders of the endocrine system.

So the detection on the body of freckles, did not previously exist, gives rise to the diagnosis of the body, because their appearance may signal some internal problem.

Freckles on the face – how to get rid of them

Get rid of already appeared freckles is quite labour intensive and time-consuming at home, you can try, so to speak, to lighten them. It should be noted that it is also quite a difficult task and requires permanent skin care.

There are several means and methods of combating age spots. Primary condition that you need to perform starting of the event whitening of the skin is to protect yourself from the sun's rays, that is, to minimize the effects of UV light. And then, you can apply for help to laser therapy, always wondering how will Soborna the fight against technology — ecoscape widely used various kinds of cosmetic masks. For example, a mask of cucumber – cucumber is cleaned from the peel and cut into thin wafers, which are subsequently laid on the places where the most pigmentation. In some cases, you can use a blender andmake a cucumber paste, additional efficiency which will give the separated juice of cucumber.

Generally cucumber is a very useful vegetable in cosmetics – it is possible to do lotions of cucumber juice. The fruit are crushed on a grater or in a blender and the pulp press juice, cotton swabs soaked with juice and placed on the skin.

Even the cucumber peel can go in. 50 grams of the rind to pour the Cup of warm water and leave for six months. The emulsion obtained otzivite and is used subsequently as a means for wiping the face.

Lemon juice also is an effective means to combat age spots. Lemon juice is used as an additive to various kinds of masks as well as lotions. You can also add lemon juice to any cream designed for daily use.

Here is the recipe for lemon yeast mask effectively helps in the discoloration of freckles. For its production need the following components: yeast – 25 grams lemon juice — 1 tsp milk — 1 tbsp. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then the resulting mass is applied on the skin at the time to twenty minutes. After completing the procedure wash your face with warm water.

To combat freckles, you can try to do whitening mask, made on the basis of proteins. This mask not only helps to whiten the skin, but still, plus, it makes it healthier. With this purpose, you need one egg protein mix with a teaspoon of lemon juice.

The resulting composition is applied evenly on the skin – treatment time 20 minutes, until completely dry mask. This mask is recommended to do twice a week at most. After running 5-6 sessions of skin visibly brighten, and will look rejuvenated and fresh. It is worth to note that in no case can natural lemon juice to replace citric acid as it can cause significant harm to the skin.

A few simple recipes of masks

Have long known about the benefits of using parsley dining room, which will help to answer the question, chop Parsley and squeeze the juice, which then have to mix with milk. The resulting mixture is applied to the face and after 15 minutes rinse with warm water. Can be options: if the skin is dry, you need to use milk instead of cream; if the skin is oily suit sour.

The mask is mixed one tablespoon of chopped parsley, one tablespoon of honey and 4-5 drops of lemon juice apply on face for 45 minutes. At the end of the procedure, all washed off with warm water.

In the summer time to combat the freckles you can use a variety of ripe fruits and berries. This will fitthe fruits of black currant, strawberries, watermelon, strawberries. For making masks, it is sufficient to pulverize the fruits and spread the resulting paste on the problem skin.

The duration of such procedures for 15-20 minutes, after which all washed off with warm water. But one must always remember that in such cases do not exclude allergic reactions and therefore need to be careful.

Quite an effective way to combat age spots is the juice of the dandelion. Chopped dandelion flowers in the amount of two tablespoons filled with boiling water (half a liter) and on a steam bath and kept for 30 minutes. The filtered and cooled decoction is used for protyani skin that need to be done twice a day. Learn more about what accordance with the rules of folk medicine it is believed that a deep face peel, or quality skin a small piece of ice or a decoction made from the leaves of parsley can provide the desired results within a few days after the beginning of the use of all tools and procedures.

Specially for such purposes need to be using the blender to thoroughly chop the bunch of washed parsley, then pour it with boiled water.

The fact is that using traditional medicine, there is a risk of dry skin problems, therefore, are advised to take care to hand all the necessary tools, as well as moisturizing creams. The best time of day to perform all necessary cleaning procedures are considered directly in the evening. In the evening the skin can fully recover after a deep cleaning.

It should be remembered that the use of these recommendations allows to get a snapshot of desired results already after the first procedure and completely get rid of freckles. For this reason, it is recommended to have patience — the skin may become lighter only after the active use of all creams and ointments for at least three weeks.