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Freckles and laser - who will win?

Every spring the owners of freckles to start over again, a losing battle with eruption of pigmentary spots on all open parts of the body. In the course are various folk methods, fruit juice, vegetable masks, infusions and decoctions and all in order to get rid of freckles.

Recourse to traditional medicine offers to use the laser in the fight against freckles, which can prove its effectiveness and help to clean and get rid of freckles forever.

Plus, the price of such a method is quite adequate, so it can afford to many patients.

Laser treatment for freckles

Since freckles are the result of melanin production, that is, appear after the effect on the skin, the exposure should be carried out on the cells that are responsible for this process.

The laser affects only hair in the photo, not touching the skin around the pigmentation spot. The laser beam destroys the cells that produce the pigment thus removed themselves freckles, and the patient might be completely free. Many reviews say that this procedure is allows you to remove all stains.

The laser parameters are selected after studying the skin, and the content of melanin. After freckle removal, in its place formed a crust, which is better to tear off and to leave it alone to fall off, as in the photo.

Usually, laser removal of freckles and suggests the use of chemical peelings and skin cosmetic products that help get rid of the effects of age spots as pictured.

Peels also cause patients positive reviews.

Skin care after the procedure of laser removal

After the procedure is completed, and freckles removed — a period of recovery of the skin.

At this time, which is about 6 months, should not use a sun tanning and Solarium visits.

Be sure to use sunscreen. It is necessary to avoid high temperatures, that is, to refuse to visit saunas, baths, and of course, you should be careful not to expose the skin after laser treatment, injuries.

The photo shows the skin after removal of freckles, which is not subjected to additional loading.

The advantages of laser removal

  • Laser therapy is considered the most successful in the fight against pigment spots and allows you to completely get rid of them;
  • It is absolutely painless and does not cause any discomfort;
  • Security is in charge of the procedure, this is why laser light only affects freckles or other age spots without affectingother areas of skin;
  • A small number of procedures. Usually enough, and three doctor visits to fully get rid of pigment spots, thanks to this and the price is not so high.

Cons of laser removal

  1. Despite all the advantages of the procedure, we must not forget that she appeared recently, and still is not 100% indicators of positive response to the laser beam;
  2. Not all cosmetic centers is ready to use laser removal of age spots, unable to give a 100% guarantee of success and lack of side effects;
  3. Despite the fact that the laser destroys cells responsible for the production of melanin pigment in the macula, there is a risk of recurrence in another area of the skin. At least, such cases are the place to be.

Contraindications for laser treatment

Of course, that laser removal of age spots there are certain contraindications that should be taken into account. Do not use the laser if:

  • The presence of dermatitis;
  • When cancerous tumors;
  • Diabetes of any type;
  • Varicose veins;
  • In acute respiratory diseases and colds;
  • When

    The fight against them can take years, and the result is quite able to disappoint. Various means, including laser methods, will always have an impact on the skin, and quite possibly, only more trouble will bring, unless, of course, to approach this quite so fanatically.

    So the image of a beautiful face, body, inhabited by freckles, is one of the options, besides, it's really beautiful and even sexy! Charming and attractive especially because of the freckles distinguish man from the crowd.