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Allergic bronchitis: pictures and treatment

Allergies can masquerade as a large number of different diseases, and it is sometimes confusing not only for patients but for doctors. It so happens that the disease is taken for a common cold or bronchitis, and it becomes clear that it is not only when antitussives and drugs helped. In this case the person, having tried all possible methods of treatment, refers to the hospital, and there he was sent on consultation to the allergist.

One such difficult identifiable forms of Allergy is allergic bronchitis which first cause debilitating cough is not clear. Often it may be confused with asthma, although the clinical picture of these diseases are similar, still there are some differences. And treatment, respectively, is also performed using different schemes.

The symptoms and treatments for allergic bronchitis

The human body is a single, well-functioning system in which all the cells and organs are interrelated and work in conjunction with each other. Allergy is the most prominent example, showing how the disruption in the functioning of one system leads to imbalance of all other functions.

Allergic bronchitis is a form of chronic bronchitis in adults and children. But the difference lies in the fact that inflammatory processes in the bronchi, are not infectious nature, and their development begins not under the influence of pathogenic bacteria, and due to hypersensitivity of an organism to some substances.

Usually the first manifestation of allergic bronchitis already noticeable in early childhood. The immune system of young children may not yet be fully formed and not always manages to handle the load posed by the viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract, improper diet and other adverse environmental factors.

At some point the body's defenses fail, and instead, to protect it from pathogenic microbes, they start to over-react to innocuous agents: the Main thing that you should do to get rid of allergic bronchitis is to identify the allergen and try to eliminate it from the environment of the patient and of his diet. Substance or group of substances that caused the hypersensitivity reaction, are installed using a special allergic skin tests and immunological analysis of blood. If the allergen is successfully defined, you can expect that the bronchitis treatment will be effective.

Antiallergic drugs in this disease is usually take about a week from the moment of development of an attack and end with the onset of stable remission. If in addition to bronchitis there are skin manifestations (itching, irritation, rashes), as well asrhinitis and conjunctivitis, these drugs can be administered as nasal sprays, eye drops and ointments, there are drops against allergies in the nose.

Increase the protective forces of the body. The immune system normalize hardening, moderate exercise, and proper nutrition. Such measures help to reduce the frequency of attacks of coughing and the intensity. In children, unlike adults treatment allergic bronchitis due to activation of the immune system is particularly important, and, if correctly direct this process, you can eliminate any Allergy symptoms and reduce the probability of its occurrence in the future.

Auxiliary treatment, including the use of methods of homeopathy and physiotherapy and aimed at reducing the intensity of allergic manifestations and normalization of the immune response. Separate treatment is usually not effective, but it perfectly complements the main therapy.

With regard to methods of treatment of allergic bronchitis, including herbal medicine, they can be used only on the advice of the attending physician. This is because any herbs by themselves can cause allergies, what are the only problems from allergies to ragweed, therefore, the use of medicinal plants is justified only after immunological studies that will show how the body reacts to certain plant constituents.

To restore the health status of adult patients and prevent more dangerous diseases allergic bronchitis, it is important to treat holistically and to comply with all requirements of doctors, tracking symptoms.