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Allergic dermatitis: a treatment for children and adults, symptoms, and photos

According to medical statistics, allergic reactions on the skin are among the most common diseases that affect humankind. Unfortunately, many people are suffering because of our over sensitivity to the reagents. The reason for such is the high sensitivity to external irritants that enter the body from outside themselves or are synthesized in the human body. Proteins produced by the body, also often cause negative reactions to the reagents, which lead to the beginning of allergic reactions.

If we talk about the age groups at risk, children are more susceptible to allergic dermatitis as they are still in the maturation of the enzymatic system and the immune system of the child can not actively react to the allergen. With age, the problem can resolved. The child's body is developing and there is a high probability that the immune system of the developing organism will be able to resist allergic diseases.

Most often the allergic type of dermatitis manifests itself when connecting substances of protein origin, formed by the external agent and proteins produced by the body itself of the patient. In addition, the cause of the allergic type of dermatitis can become a symbiosis of external agents with the proteins of the patient, which can be caused by such a reaction. Treatment of allergic diseases should be carried out promptly, otherwise the disease can cause serious allergic reactions, and the appearance of marks on the skin that will not only in the field of pigmentation changes.

The causes of the disease

The main reason for the development of the disease is direct contact of the allergen with the skin of the patient. Emissions of histamine can trigger the following stimuli:

  • Vegetable raw materials;
  • Animals;
  • Chemical compounds;
  • Physical factors (sunlight, atmospheric pressure, temperature, etc.).

The main factor preceding the onset of the disease is the disorder of metabolism and metabolism in the body of the patient. The deficiency also increases the chances of disease occurrence. Often, manifestations of approaching disease is a food Allergy, quite common in everyday life.

Medicines are also strong activators, especially if their use unreasonably. Often cause allergic dermatitis in children and adults can food. The impact of these factors and allergen cause an allergic reaction and as a result of allergic type of dermatitis,appear on the skin and mucous membranes, causing redness and rashes on the skin. The disease affects both adults and children, with the majority of children face this problem more often due to the fact that the liver of the child is not able to handle the load caused by allergens. The result of inflammation of the disease are redness on the skin and rash. It is worth remembering that treat dermatitis need without delay. Otherwise, the skin may remain permanent stains.

You need to understand that dermatitis in children is not necessarily an indicator of low immunity. Often, the liver of a child is not always able to cope with high amounts of allergen. Enzyme system of the young organism is not developed enough to neutralize the latter. That is why in children, allergies can “outgrow”.

In adults, the organism actively resists disease than children. Due to the Mature enzyme system, the body of an adult capable of producing antibodies that successfully counteract the cause of allergic reactions. Cells of the immune memory can quickly be synthesized in the body when the allergen and resist the aggressor.

The first reaction of the patient to the allergen can not be expressed vivid manifestations. External symptoms may not show themselves at first, but in this case the human body will trigger a protective response. Follow-up contact with potentially dangerous substances, causing painful manifestation, will cause pronounced symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms and photos

Allergic type of dermatitis manifests itself immediately. In contrast to allergic disease, In any case, during treatment, you need to abandon synthetic clothes, things made of artificial materials, fur and wool. In cases of photodermatitis, need less to expose skin to direct sunlight. Dermatitis, drug-induced, also brings danger to the body. In all its manifestations should immediately stop the use of drugs.

For the treatment of diseases used antihistamines in the form of injections or tablets. There are ointments that should be applied to the affected area. New drugs from the category of corticosteroids should be used only after consultation with your doctor. This should be taken into account all contraindications and indications given of the patient's skin.