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Allergy to honey: photo of allergic reaction

Honey is a natural, healthy and tasty treat. However, not all people can boast that they are able to enjoy such a sweet cure allergies to bee products. In fact, we are not talking about a massive allergic reaction, but still the problem exists and brings a lot of inconvenience, as you can see from the photo.

Allergy to honey – this term should be understood a peculiar and inappropriate reaction of the human body to the pollen contained in the honey in sufficient quantity. It is extremely important to know what the cause of the Allergy becomes not the product itself, namely its basis.

Therefore, we can say that each individual bouts of the disease cause different types of honey, in other words, the pollen of plants, which was collected nectar. The ill in any way should refrain from eating honey in any of its versions and varieties.

Allergy to honey and bee products intolerance can be caused by:

  • violations of the technology of making honey, for example, in cases where pollen in any quantity was in the product;
  • treatment of bees with antibiotics and various other drugs;
  • penetration in honey residues of those substances of chemical nature, which was treated hives;
  • a failure by the owners of the apiary sanitary norms and rules of beekeeping;
  • irregular consumption of honey.

The last point almost always causes an allergic reaction, because daily intake of honey for the average person is not more than 150 grams. Other components of honey in addition to pollen that is unable to cause allergies.

Medical statistics say that in the bulk is allergic to honey occurs in those who suffer from bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis, are also dangerous and in Order to test the second method, you need to SIP a few drops of honey and hold a few minutes in their mouth. If the body cannot tolerate the med, then immediately begin the discomfort in the mouth, swelling and sore. In such situations, you should thoroughly rinse your mouth with a large quantity of warm water.

How to treat allergies with honey?

Like any other allergic reaction to med is treated with similar medicines. These include antihistamines: Allegra, Aerius, Clarinex, Diphenhydramine, Benadryl they eliminate the main symptoms.

Such medications should be recommended by a doctor, because self-medication can negatively affect the health status and not produce the desired effect. Antihistamines can remove symptoms of honey Allergy within 20 minutes after theirand the effect lasts up to 24 hours and at the same time, to answer the question — using the compress in the infusion of medicinal herbs can also relieve the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Cook it will not be difficult, because you will need crushed chamomile or succession, mixed with boiling water. Composition insist about an hour, and then used to compress, which should be replaced every 20 minutes. If these herbs are not available, it is possible to use a weak brew of black tea. However, this cannot be done. at the same time if there is an allergic swelling of the throat.

Traditional medicine offers more and the powder of starch. It is necessary to sprinkle the affected areas with potato or rice starch, but be sure to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

How to prevent Allergy to honey?

To prevent the symptoms of the disease or intensify the effects of drugs, you must adhere to some simple recommendations:

  • to organize the optimal load on the body;
  • to adhere to the mode of the day;
  • avoid nervous overloads and shocks
  • to watch your diet and take it easy with bee products;
  • nekupazhirovanny to buy honey only from reliable manufacturers in the established marketplace.