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Allergic to the Pope in infants: a photo of the Pope on allergies in children

Allergic to learn to play with the child, according to scientists, occurs as a reaction of the immune system due to the reduction of antigenic load on the body. The immune system becomes weaker, because it does not receive the necessary load.

Studies show that Allergy is found in underdeveloped countries is much less than in successful countries. This is due to the widespread use of chemical industry.

Chemical products can be an allergen, but can only create the conditions for the emergence of allergic reactions, for example, influence the nervous and endocrine systems.

Still not found an explanation why for some people certain factors are the cause of allergies, but not for others. Moreover, a person's immune system is suppressed by the mass of toxins found in the modern environment.

Allergic rash on the ass of the child

  1. This type of Allergy usually occurs because of deficiencies in the child's diet. Usually an allergic reaction appears on other parts of the body. But if the rash occurs only on the priest, it is probably a heat rash.
  2. Strong allergens can be animal dander, dust, household chemicals, pollen and more. Have infant allergies often develop due to the fact that the mother eats the allergenic food. In this case, doctors recommend to start a hypoallergenic diet.
  3. Allergic to the ass of a newborn child that is weaned from the breast and fed artificially, may appear from the components of the mixture. It is necessary to transfer the newborn to another hypoallergenic formula. To identify the specific allergen will help a special immunological study. Allergic to the priest the child is characterized by a rash of several varieties.

There are the following types of rashes:

  • papule – a rash that can be identified by touch she rises above the level of the skin;
  • erythema – visible areas congested skin purple or red color;
  • the vesicle – vesicle with a transparent or turbid contents.

Sometimes parents confuse allergic rashes with diaper rash. If baby butt long is in the moisture, then diaper rash appears. The problem is easy to solve, it is necessary to start active hygiene procedures and monitor the dryness of the skin and sometimes Means no. 3. It requires to measure two tablespoons of viburnum bark and pour a glass of boiling water. Solution next you need to warm up on low heat for about 20 minutes, let stand half an hour, drain. To the infusion add one glass of pure clean water and wipe with a allergic region.

Tool No. 4. Grind and mix dandelion root and burdock root, take two tablespoons of the mixture and pour three cupsof boiling water. The infusion needs to steep for one night. In the morning it is boiled for about 10 minutes and again insist, but not for long. Like all other tools, wipe infusion allergic rashes.

Tool No. 5. Series, chamomile, oak bark and calendula pour boiling water and insist half an hour. In addition to these herbs are also effective pine buds or lavender. Infusions added to the bath for small children. They will help even newborn baby, suffering from allergies. The herb is also effective and the sweating sickness. Remedy dries the skin and has antiseptic properties. The water temperature should not be more than thirty-seven degrees. Baby need to bathe in a therapeutic tub for about 10-15 minutes.