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Allergic to condom - how to replace contraception

Every year experts in the field of Allergy recorded a variety of new and adverse reaction. The world is full of chemicals. Fairly rare type of allergic reactions should be considered allergic to condoms.

The issue of security in the relations of men and women were always relevant. Among the methods of contraception sufficiently distributed condoms. They are used not only as a means of protection from unwanted pregnancy, but also as a method of protection from sexually transmitted infections.

But many people, it was observed that in the process of applying the condom begins to appear allergic to condoms. Symptoms problems could occur directly after application of the condom, and after some time, when the level of allergen in the body a certain number.

Despite the fact that Allergy to condoms is not classified as dangerous to life, which can lead to some inconvenience. However, this form of the disease occurs more often than 2-4% of people who are sexually active. This reaction may have their own reasons.

According to studies, as the primary allergen is the latex. Over 30% of health workers are allergic to latex gloves (allergic to latex). Thus, the contact of the latex with the skin can lead to contact allergic reactions (allergic contact dermatitis), and it leads to what appears allergic to condoms.

The main symptoms

Allergic to latex can occur have a partner, both male and female. First of all, it is expressed in redness, hives, dryness of mucous membranes, burning and itching, swollen genitalia and thrush.

The manifestation of such symptoms often occurs directly after withdrawal of the condom. For more severe cases characterized by difficulty breathing, asthma attacks, itchy eyes and even swelling of the mucous membranes.

Extremely rare manifestations of the instantaneous development of allergies with severe consequences, such as anaphylactic shock. However, often, this delayed type reaction, although with regular use of such products may therefore take extreme caution.

If you've had sexual intercourse with a condom, it requires immediate help of a specialist (allergist, dermatologist), because the Allergy symptoms in the initial stage are very similar to a sexually transmitted disease.

Doctor for the selection of optimal solutions need to be tested for specific antibodies to confirm or deny the hypothesis of the guilt of latex. The costtests low and they are short on time.

The reasons for the development

The origin of the Allergy is on a fairly standard algorithm, although it may change. At the first contact with the allergen in the human body begins active production of immunoglobulins class E, so the occurrence of the reaction does not occur.

This is due to their accumulation in the body and also the connection of sleep mast cells with special receptors. Repeated contact leads to the destruction of the shell of these cells. This leads to the release of histamine, which is a precursor to allergies in humans.

We are not talking about clinical manifestations directly after the second contact. The occurrence of manifestations is due to the individual production of immunoglobulin E in the blood of a specific person, which means the possibility of a reaction and after later contacts.

The best option would be to radically change the contraceptive. Replacement of latex condoms will be polyurethane, spermicidal creams and gels, it can change the quality of sex life, especially if the Reliability is incomparable with polyurethane latex. In order to avoid infections that are transmitted sexually, it is better to use the funds for the additional protection plan like spermicidal ointments. Help and vaginal suppositories with tablets, it's all effective remedy for allergies. Rubber products, such as latex gloves, should be replaced with Allergy-free, nitrile or vinyl.

In addition, the physician may be assigned the use of antihistamines to help deal with redness and itching. In this case, it is recommended to topically apply bath with chamomile, or other drugs.

But the surest safeguard against such unpleasant phenomena as allergic to condoms, is a regular sexual life with the constant partner.