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Allergic to water on the skin

Water is among the rarest of substances that can cause allergies. Despite the fact that the human body contains almost 80 % water, it can cause serious injury. As in the photo. In this article we will focus on how to determine this type of Allergy and how to treat it.

What is

Marine urticaria (this name is intolerance of water) or allergic to sea water is one of the few allergic reactions, which is still not very common.

The first mention of this disease can be found in 1964, when scientists first found symptoms and strange feature of our body does not make water.

Allergic to water develops in any contact with water, even if the person just decided to quench his thirst or to undertake hygienic procedure, as in the photo. Moreover, the allergen can be not only water but also sea water, after which it may take place and Such an inadequate response, as in the photo, due to the fact that the fluid flowing from the faucet, contains not only oxygen and hydrogen, but many other compounds, which very often cause allergies.

Do not think that when cleaning with chlorine, this problem becomes irrelevant. On the contrary, it will confirm all the symptoms. Some people can safely swim in the natural waters, but taking a shower or bath with the scent of chlorine is not acceptable to them.

There are three main factors that trigger this phenomenon:

  • — weakening of the immune system as a result of long reception of antibiotics;
  • — chronic diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • — lack of immunoglobulin E.

These factors increase the risk of Allergy development in various contact with an aqueous medium.

Marine urticaria has a very unpleasant feature of the symptoms – it tends to evolve constantly, as in the photo. Over time, the Allergy becomes stronger, leading to serious health problems.


Allergic to water, like any other similar reaction, has its clinical manifestations and symptoms. Intolerance can be determined by a number of widespread signs:

  • — there microalga of the skin;
  • — urticaria is accompanied by severe itching;
  • — mucous membranes and the skin turn red;
  • — on stomach, hands under the knees and on the face and neck appear localized rash;
  • headaches;
  • — irritated and dry skin, as can be seen from photo;
  • — the mucous membrane of the eye reddens and becomes irritated;
  • — a cough due to the penetration of chlorine into the respiratory tract and difficulty breathing;
  • — disorder of the digestive tract.

There is one positive thing – an Allergy to waterdoes not lead to anaphylactic shock and Quincke edema, as in the photo. Deaths also were recorded.

Signs and symptoms of marine urticaria is absolutely the same as in children and adults. To establish an accurate diagnosis and identify the real causes of the development of all of the above symptoms should consult a competent physician-allergist.


This pathology still is at the stage of active learning, so drugs for the therapy almost non-existent. There are only some recommendations that will make life easier for people faced with this type of allergic reaction:

Should have to give up water low quality, better to drink the living water drawn from a source or speakers;

At home it is necessary to set the nice Aqua-filters, which only can be found;

time the water treatments you need to reduce just to 2 – 3 minutes a day;

To bathe and to wash only boiled water, as it contains practically no chlorine. This is especially important when the hygiene of kids.

Instead of shower gels is better to use ordinary baby soap that does not contain flavorings and colorings;

Washing it is recommended to replace the special skin cleansing wipes or cleansing milk;

It is necessary to take antihistamines such as tavegil, diphenhydramine, astemizole, terfenadine, fenkarol, suprastin, pipolfen, peritol, you can try the homework time on hands you should wear rubber gloves;

It is important to adjust your diet, minimize the consumption of sweets and bakery products, to eliminate fatty and salty foods. There should be small portions and chew well.

Through adherence to these recommendations the General condition of the body can be greatly improved and reduce the intensity of allergic reaction.

If the cause of marine hives became poor environmental conditions, then perhaps the only option would be moving to another locality, maybe region, as in the case of diagnosis of such illness, as an Allergy from the sun.

People to help people suffering from such allergic reactions, recommend a few methods:

  • Remove the skin manifestations will help compresses of chamomile. To do this one tablespoon of chamomile flowers have to pour a glass of water, and then strain through a sieve. The resulting slurry was wrapped in a piece of gauze and apply to the skin in the form of heat.
  • The affected skin can be lubricated with honey, if he does not cause allergies. This mask may remain on all night and in the morning it is removed with a damp cloth.
  • Duringhygiene in water add the decoction of the viola tricolor, or Bay leaf, cooked at the rate of 20 g of material in half a litre of water.