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Atopic dermatitis: the origin, symptoms

From atomic dermatitis there are several more common names, you may encounter, it is – prurigo Besnier, neurodermitis, eczema (and you know, that genetics is the basis of the name of the disease, because atopy is the predisposition of the body to the hereditary types of different external influences on the skin.

Appears atopic dermatitis from infancy and throughout life from time to time to appear on the body. Include dermatitis to the seasonal class of diseases of the skin, usually in the summer dermatitis is almost not worried about the patient.

However, there are severe forms of atopy, when the dermatitis is manifested without remissions. Today that space horse disease worries the doctors more, because in the modern world they are more an increasing number of people.

The causes of the disease

Like most hereditary skin problems, the true cause of the dermatitis, the child is still not fully understood.

One of the main theories of the origin of atopic dermatitis is due to the fact that the disease is congenital sensitivity to reaginovykh antibodies. Thus, in order to start allergic enough entering the body to any allergen that can be represented in the form of pollen, food additives or household, in the form of a variety of microorganisms.

In addition to allergic reactions, dermatitis may be caused by systematic violation of immune protection.

In addition, particular attention deserves the theory of the cause of dermatitis in the metabolic and due to constant failures of the Central nervous system.


To classify the symptoms of dermatitis, you need to understand that they are not just presented with a huge list, but are not universal manifestations, as vary according to the age of the patient.

Atopic dermatitis in the latent period of being in the body practically makes itself felt, manifesting itself only in the form of cracks or almost not noticeable spots in the ear.

But during the exacerbations, the hands on the face start to appear red spots that demonstrated a strong itching.

Conventionally, all the symptoms can be divided in three age groups:

  • infant symptoms
  • baby,
  • adults.

In infancy, atopic dermatitis can be diagnosed already in the second month after birth. In this period, the more dermatitis like eczema. On the skin, as a rule, forehead, buttocks, cheeks, there is a specific rash.

In children dermatitis can form solid lesions that often appear on the hands, the creases of the elbows. Defeatcharacterized by severe itching, which the child is scratching a dermatitis that may lead to accession related bacterial infections.

In adults, dermatitis is localized on the neck, wrists, and forearms. For clinical, the symptoms here are as close to what can be observed in infant forms.

Important! Not always atopic dermatitis occurs with successive manifestations, but every age has its own morphological features that appear bright and strictly.

Treatment atopic dermatitis

Primarily the treatment of dermatitis associated with elimination of the primary manifestations of the disease. We are to eliminate the itching and inflammatory process of the skin. Next, you need to attend to the restoration of the structure of the epidermis.

In the course of treatment necessary to protect the unaffected areas of the skin from spreading of dermatitis that can go severe. Thus it is necessary to prevent the accession of co-infection.

From the point of view of the use of drugs, it is obligatory to use are antihistamines, protivoallergennye, tranquilizers. In addition, the treatment can be used in antioxidant.

It is important to recall that if atopic dermatitis and related joins a bacterial infection, for the treatment need to use antibiotics. Here must all be taken strictly then the doctor, as this treatment can have side effects.

In the acute form in which there is always a formation of crust on the affected area of the skin, in this case you must use different gadgets with disinfectant formulations.

Once acute form runs, you can use different gels and creams that should reduce the itching and to prevent scratching of the affected areas dermatitis.