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Cellulite: causes, treatment and pictures

The effect of orange peel, another nice name for one of the most vexing problems for women, which is a terrible name – cellulite. On the skin of the hips, buttocks and sometimes arms and stomach, there are small, noticeable bumps and depressions, shown in the photo below.

In medicine the term cellulite is almost never used, doctors replace it with the names of "lipodystrophy" or "lipoclean". In addition, modern medicine views on whether to include the cellulite disease was divided, the part of the doctors do not consider cellulite disease.

Most interesting is that the distaste for cellulite, which is now present in all women, it's just a fad, and until 1973, the cellulite is generally not considered a problem.


Usually, cellulite most often appears in girls at the age of 20-25 years, and during pregnancy or after childbirth. There is a simple test to isolate the problem, for this you can simply squeeze the skin of the hips, and if there is a characteristic form of hollows and bumps, so the problem is still there. Today in cosmetology to distinguish between 4 stages of cellulite:

  • Pretzelosity. In the first stage begins to slow down the blood flow through the capillaries with simultaneous permeability of the walls. Impaired outflow of venous blood and fluid circulation in the lymph nodes. No signs of cellulitis at this stage no, and the only signs of approaching problems can be considered to bruising even from minor injuries;
  • Initial. In this stage begins to emerge a swelling of the skin tissues begin to accumulate toxins, and enters a small, insufficient amount of oxygen. Defeat and change is what you can see, there's just squeeze the skin;
  • Micronodular. In this stage of the process adhesions of fat cells in the clusters is enhanced, and the partition that was flexible, now blinded and becoming more like severe scarring. In addition, the continued progression of the swelling. The effect of orange peel is observed now is clearly and without exposure to skin (see photo);
  • Macronodular. In the fourth stage marks the stagnation of lymphatic fluid and disturbance of the venous outflow of blood. A small amount of oxygen which enters into the tissues is not sufficient to prevent further scarring. In the last stage the cellulite is visible without exposure, the nodes large and well defined.

It should be noted that the fourth stage of cellulite is extremely rare, and most women have cellulite 2 or 3 stages.

The causes of cellulite

For many doctors the appearance of cellulite is not a disease butcompletely normal, which suggests that under the skin adult female starts normal and natural changes in the fat layer. However, it is necessary to understand why cellulite appears is not the same in all women.

The main causes that lead to varying degrees of cellulite are as follows:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Violation of blood supply at the periphery;
  • Hormonal disruptions, or small changes in the overall hormonal levels in the body;
  • Malnutrition, improper diet;
  • Sedentary lifestyle, complicated by the consumption of nicotine and alcohol.

Interestingly, the extra weight is not necessarily the cause of cellulite, it is a common misconception that has no basis under themselves. Skinny girls have cellulite is formed exactly as often as "donuts".

It is important to note that the small, light appearance of cellulite is more a sign of a healthy woman's body, but the complete absence of such changes in the skin suggests that hormones are not in order.

What can be treated independently

The modern world imposes certain requirements for appearance, and accordingly, a woman tries all means to conform to modern notions of beauty, and no cellulite.

However, it is necessary to say at once that completely destroy the cellulite — nevozozhno. At the core of the beauty inherent time minimize the appearance of cellulite, and will require complex measures, namely:

  • To start to get rid of excess weight by physical exercise;
  • To improve blood flow to the extremities and the whole venous system;
  • To intensify the exchange of substances in the body;
  • To engage in physical activity to strengthen muscle tone and connective tissues.

As you can see, nothing complicated or unusual about kaplanom approach there, just need a disciplined and a conscious attitude. It is very important to completely change your approach to food, eliminate processed food and fast food.

During water procedures, you must begin to use a rough sponge, which will enable to enhance blood flow to the skin. You can use various scrubs that are sold exactly forgiving of cellulite, however, like to use homemade scrubs based on honey, lemon juice, ground coffee.

And again it should be emphasized that the use of various creams, which so powerfully advertised, virtually no effect. It's always ina comprehensive approach is necessary for the normal getting rid of the appearance of cellulite.

Offering cosmetology

In cosmetics the problem of cellulite has long been found a lot of solutions, for example: massages, wraps, essential oils, algae, peeling and mesotherapy.

Anti-cellulite massage, which conducts it professional, is quite effective means of getting rid of the appearance of cellulite (see photo), which also improves the condition is excellent and the basic functions of the skin. Despite the fact that the patient is ready to conduct a correct lifestyle, to choose the correct diet and exercise, massage will be even more efficient and the results will be a long time be observed on the skin in the form of a complete absence of orange peel.

But, if after a course of massage, the woman stops to look after themselves, incorrectly begins to eat, ignoring the exercises, the cellulite very quickly back and buttocks to their original form as in the photo.

As for the other procedures, they are not only quite expensive but have short-term effect. After their skin from becomes healthy and the cellulite is almost invisible, but this condition is not observed long.

There are more radical methods, for example, mesotherapy or hardware massage, electrolipolysis. They have to be regarded with a sufficient degree of caution, and their use makes sense only when the last stage of cellulite, and after consultation with the doctor.

And, of course, do not just trust your body and skin into the hands of the first comer beautician, all procedures should be conducted by professionals who know what they are doing with cellulite. It is important to emphasize this point, because the wrong approach to addressing the symptoms of cellulite may lead to the spread of the problem, and it will not only orange peel.


If the signs of cellulite is not observed, it is possible to start doing some preventive treatments that help the skin remain for a long time without orange peel:

  • In any case should not throw sports, if any. Even if there is a need to stop sports, load should be reduced gradually;
  • It is necessary to pay special attention to their hormonal background;
  • Water treatments will fit perfectlyhard washcloth;
  • 1-2 times a week to do sports, fitness, strain on the muscles of the thigh;
  • From time to time to visit the sauna, after which the good is massage.