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Scabies: causes for allergies

лечение от чесоткиIn the first place for getting rid of scabies is used the sulphur ointment, which is rubbed all over the body. The course of treatment lasts for 5 days, and the ointment rubbed 1 time per day. Thus while there is a course bed and underwear can not be changed not to allow the mites to spread. The ointment of sulphuric basis is negative is the unpleasant smell and possible allergic, particularly with repeated application.

Also used the Spregal which is presented in aerosol form. It is sprayed over the entire surface of the body, except the head. 12 hours after the spray applications need to take a shower and thoroughly rinsing with soap and water from the skin surface. Bed and underwear can be changed.

As for underwear and bed linen. Ticks, as we have mentioned above, die temperature of 60 C and above, therefore, all linen should not just obstirat, but boil for hours and then iron the iron on all sides. It is guaranteed to kill parasites.

It should be noted that after the elimination of reasons, that is the parasite, itching may still be present for some time, pointing out the Allergy, which was a consequence of the vital activity products of scabies.