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Bay leaf for allergies in children and adults

Replace pharmaceuticals and other Allergy medications can folk medicine, methods which differ in both safety and possibility of prolonged use.

One such method of treating allergies is well known Bay leaf, which is used both topically and inside.

With Bay leaf successfully treat newborns, effectiveness of the tool is confirmed by the parent practice.

The beneficial effect of the use of Bay leaf is observed even when the strongest antihistamines are powerless.

How useful Bay leaf from allergies?

The Laurel leaf is the content of tannins, essential oils, trace elements and acids.

The manifestation of Allergy Bay leaf has an impact on strengthening the walls of blood vessels, possesses immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory features.

The Laurel leaf is able to remove toxins, improve gastrointestinal tract, and also have a calming effect. Use Bay leaf for allergies as a lotion, compress, infusion.

Medicinal properties and has separately made Laurel oil.

The main medicinal properties of the leaf of Laurel, it includes such abilities:

  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Fights germs.
  • Has astringent effect.
  • Has diuretic properties.
  • Has a sedative effect.

These properties are observed as the ingestion and external use of Bay leaf. When an allergic reaction occurs on a large area of skin, then a decoction of Laurel leaf is used externally.

If there are problems of internal character, are assigned a course therapy the Bay leaf that is used inside.

A decoction of Laurel if you are allergic, which is used for a long time, will help in combating the bacteria that cause the disease. The broth is conducive to the prompt withdrawal of processed products from the intestines.

Because of this harmful and toxic ingredients remain in the body, and entirely removed from it, allowing the internal organs to work normally.

To provide anti-allergic effects of Laurel leaf should the right way to brew and apply the prepared drug.

External therapy of allergies by Laurel leaf

Most often found in infants is a manifestation of food Allergy.

The child's body working while not at full strength, for this reason, certain foods can be for them a hostile element, from which you want to be free, that's why you receive Children from allergies infusion can be treated from 3 months of age, 2-3 drops three timesday, then the dose should be gradually increased. Per year allowed to give 1 teaspoon of decoction, in 3 years – 1 tbsp. spoon.

Sometimes the kids on the first day of using a Bay leaf can be constipation, so it is recommended to give the child prune or beet juice.

Adult Allergy can you take 50 ml of a Laurel decoction three times a day. In addition, the Bay leaf is included in the list of what you can eat for allergies.

Leaf Laurel from allergic reactions in children is quite lengthy, children, you can give it for six months, then, cured the child, to take a course of 10 days once per month.

This decoction causes appetite, improves digestion, so it can give a child with digestive problems.

Laurel leaf can be applied during immunity medications such as compresses, as well as inside.