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Psoriasis on the penis

Psoriasis the penis is a skin disease that delivers psychological and physical discomfort to the patient. The infection usually affects men aged 25 to 50 years, sometimes psoriasis appears in boys of adolescent age.

The disease can occur in men living in all regions. But the maximum number of patients recorded in areas with cold and humid climate.

The causes of disease

Psoriasis, including psoriasis of the penis, a disease known to people since ancient times. However, not fully elucidated the causes of its occurrence. There are many hypotheses and theories that attempt to explain the nature of psoriasis, but there is still no reliable evidence for any of them.

There are the most probable causes of penile psoriasis:

  1. Hereditary factor;
  2. Hormonal disturbances;
  3. Pathology of organs of small pelvis.

Psoriasis any tissue damage in the area of the penis can cause a rash on the penis.

On the occurrence of psoriasis sex is not affected. The disease is not sexually transmitted.

The clinical picture of the disease

The presence of clinical signs of psoriasis is the reason for a visit to the doctor — urologist.

Psoriasis of the member manifest as persistent rashes, which are mainly localized near the penis head. Symptoms of the disease can be very diverse, which complicates the understanding of the typical clinical picture.

Psoriasis of the penis, most often occurs without skin peeling. This makes it difficult medical diagnosis. The fact that the presence of a tumor causes a person faster to go to the doctor. After visiting a urologist, you might want to visit a dermatologist. Do not put off a visit to this specialist, if there is a rash on the penis.

Often psoriasis on the genitals is accompanied by a rash on other areas of the body. Typically, psoriasis occurs in skin folds, for example, in the armpit, groin area or behind the ears. Sometimes the disease develops on the scalp.

Diagnostic methods

As mentioned above, the diagnosis of psoriasis of the penis is hampered by variety of symptoms. To properly diagnose you need to:

  1. Conduct General inspection and Assembly of the full history of the disease;
  2. The anamnesis of patient's life and family history. There is a possibility of disease transmission by inheritance;
  3. Sometimes it is necessary to make laboratory tests. This may be a dermatoscopic analysis or skin biopsy. Together with this prescribed and laboratory study of blood.

The disease

The process of sexual psoriasis, as well as other types of the disease characterized by threestages:

  1. A progressing stage. During this period, new lesions and the growth of existing ones. There is a positive isomorphic response, that is, in areas of microdamage secondary rashes appear.
  2. Stationary phase. Provides stable current, the area of lesions is not increased.
  3. Regressing stage. At this stage, the skin starts to peel off less, but the psoriatic lesions are depigmented or hyperpigmentation spots.


Treatment of psoriasis of the penis is to perform a number of activities which are chosen individually for every man, given his current state.

To cure mild penile psoriasis sometimes it is enough to use local remedies, for example, creams or ointments. If the illness became severe, it will require additional treatment with oral drugs and physiotherapy.

It should be noted that there is no such medicine that can guarantee complete cure of psoriasis. There is no means that would be completely safe. Medical therapy is chosen only by a qualified doctor. The positive properties and the risks of a drug, the physician considers each case.

Treatment of psoriasis of the penis will not be without the following local actions:

  • Ointments with corticosteroids. Funds are used several short courses. High effectiveness in treating small areas of psoriasis.
  • Preparations of vitamin d Ointments are used on sensitive skin and various mucous membranes.
  • Immunomodulators, such as tacrolimus and pimecrolimus. Drugs are not thinner the skin, but can cause skin infections, so they need to use short courses.
  • Salt baths. Good effect when sexual psoriasis give baths with lots of salt. Special salts are available in pharmacies.

Drugs that are taken orally, should be individualized. We are talking about acitretin, cyclosporine, methotrexate, and other drugs. Drugs have contraindications, so they must appoint a physician. By the way, along with the medical approach, can be carried out Often as a Supplement to drug therapy, in the treatment of psoriasis of the penis, are used in folk treatment methods, for example:

A decoction of Bay leaf. To prepare a decoction, you need to take ten large dry Bay leaves 1 Cup of water and boil for about 10 minutes. The broth should be cool and discard the leaves. In the first couple of days, the decoction is taken 4 times a day one tablespoon. Then the dose is increased to 50 ml, but the frequency stays the same.

Tincture Golden mustache on vodka. The medicine should be consumed about one month to 15 drops per day. At the end of this period is a break of two weeks, then repeat. You can maintain it in the complex, which will be the ointment of psoriasis.

Features prevention and prognosis

Not currently allocated to specific prevention for psoriasis of the penis. So far doctors do not know the specific cause that triggers the development of this disease.

In most cases, doctors give a favorable prognosis when sexual psoriasis. However, the patient should follow all recommendations of the doctor as psoriasis this species requires complex and often long-term treatment.