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What are allergic in September that blooms?

With the onset of autumn period, many people experience seasonal discomfort due to the occurrence of allergic rhinitis and other diseases caused by high sensitivity of the immune system. This article will tell you what the Allergy is in September, why it occurs, how it is expressed and what treatments against allergic reactions apply.

Hay fever, and its manifestation

Hay fever is a seasonal disease in the form of an allergic reaction to pollen, certain flowers plants or trees. In spring or autumn, when it blooms, a significant part of plants, many allergies can suffer from pollen, which they inhale.

Pollen gets in the respiratory tract of those who are close to the source of the blossom, however an allergic reaction can occur only at some. Contribute to this fundamental reason. In particular, the main feature of the people prone to allergic reactions to pollen, is hypersensitivity or hypersensitivity of the immune system to external stimuli.

What causes hypersensitivity in people

Development and allergies to flowering can cause a variety of causes, with the sources of allergies can be several. Meanwhile, all allergic diseases caused by hypersensitivity are common symptoms.

The main causes of allergic reactions are:

  • Hereditary factor at the genetic level creates a especially immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Typically, Allergy sufferers are always relatives who have similar health problems.
  • The presence of any chronic diseases often provoke the development of allergic diseases. In the result of an infectious focus in the body gets unwanted bacteria and microorganisms, which adversely affect the human immune system. These conditions include dental disease, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, cholecystitis, osteomyelitis, and other types of sources.
  • To violations of the full operation of the immune system often lead to hormonal changes in the body that affect the protective functions of the immune system.
  • Immune system can fail because of overload of the body of various toxins and other harmful substances that lead to metabolic disorders.
  • Disorders of the nervous system due to psychological upheavals or disruptions can also lead to the violation of the protective properties of the body and poor immune system.

Causes of allergies in September

The main time of flowering occurs in spring and summer, when the city, the peakflowering of many trees and cereal crops. Meanwhile, in the autumn, many people re-appear all the signs of an allergic reaction. The fact that at the end of August and early September bloom many weeds, such as sagebrush, pigweed, ragweed, and others. Additionally can cause allergies some fungi that grow exclusively in the autumn.

After pollen from plants flowering in autumn enters the respiratory system, it contacts the antibodies located in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. This in turn causes an allergic reaction of the organism, which tries by all means to cope with external stimulus.

  • You should consult a doctor to help find the right antihistamines to relieve symptoms of allergies.

    For violation of the airway in asthma is recommended to apply steroid hormones in the form of sprays.

    In case of nasal congestion, use a special Allergy drops or sprays, narrowing the vessels.

    You need a special diet, exclude from food products containing honey, sunflower oil, nuts, halva, and various spices.

    It is also necessary to abandon the use of cosmetic products containing plantain, wormwood, yarrow, chamomile, and other allergens.