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Nappy rash: treatment, causes, symptoms and photos

The causes of the disease

Diaper dermatitis, is a disease that manifests itself in infants, causing an inflammatory dermatosis. Also called erythema of the buttocks. Dermatitis usually occurs in children prone to allergies and children on artificial feeding. Girls are more likely to have this disease than boys.

The cause of the disease is the reduction of the protective function of the skin of the child. There are several reasons leading to the formation of diaper disease:

  • Allergic to detergent, washing powder, softener baby sliders;
  • Wrong choice of funds for child care (soap, shampoo, powders, creams);
  • Prolonged contact of the child with faeces and urine;
  • Wrong choice of diapers or their low quality.

Signs of the disease

Delicate skin of babies are very sensitive to different stimuli. Therefore, the contact of the skin with dirty diapers or sliders can cause nappy rash. Usually, the dermatitis develops on the buttocks, genitalia, groin, shins and lower back. Sometimes the symptoms of diaper of the disease are observed behind the ears and on the neck. There are three stages of disease:

  1. Easy;
  2. Medium;
  3. Heavy.

In mild stages of the disease in a child, there is a slight reddening of the skin, as shown in the photo. The middle stage is characterized by swelling, redness with ulcers and cracks. For dermatitis severe stage there is severe inflammation, swelling, ulcers, erosion, the appearance of ulcers. Often there are complications. Most need to fear getting under the skin of fungal infections. The affected skin is painful and baby not sleeping and constantly crying.


To diagnose nappy rash possible with the presence of acute inflammation of the skin characteristic of the disease. Often combined with atopic dermatitis and enteropathies dermatitis. Sometimes accompanied by scabies, impetigo. Naturally, all comorbidities need to diagnose separately and to adjust the treatment.

Treatment of diaper dermatitis

First thing in the treatment of diaper disease should avoid contact with baby's skin with feces and urine. The skin should always be clean and dry. If the inflammation is in the initial stages, describes treatment solutions furatsilina, fukortsin, rivanola. Also well copes with this task liquid Castellani. After that it is recommended to lubricate the skin baby healing ointment based ondexpanthenol.

If the child is prone to allergies, for the treatment of the disease, you can use a bath with a decoction of herbs. Good for this approach chamomile and celandine. If developed nappy rash for the second or third stage, for the selection of the right treatment needed Need to understand that diaper dermatitis can be easily avoided. Prevention of diaper disease is much easier than its treatment. You just need to observe basic rules of hygiene and properly care for the child.

Basic principles of prevention, to prevent dermatitis:

  • Hands should be washed before any contact with the child;
  • Be sure to wash away the child after stool;
  • Several times a day to keep the baby without diapers;
  • Baby clothes sure to rinse and Pat from two sides;
  • Diapers should be changed on time as the sliders;
  • If a child has an allergic reaction, it is necessary to use economic or baby soap for washing clothes;
  • Do not use creams, Soaps or oil composition which contains ingredients that can trigger allergies in children;
  • Diapers need to choose a quality, capable to pass air.

It is important

When the first signs of the disease, it is necessary to urgently conduct a complex of hygienic measures with the use of medicines.

In this case, the dermatitis quickly. If time does not undertake the procedures, inflammation in the short term to escalate into a more serious stage and skin condition of the child deteriorates.