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Allergy sore throat: the symptoms of the disease

Under the Allergy in the medical practice to understand the particular reaction of the human body. It is manifested by the presence of excessive sensitivity to certain substances called allergens or antigens. If an allergic reaction began to develop in the throat, larynx and sore, then such States are said to be quite heavy and dangerous, because in the absence of timely qualified medical aid to a sick person is threatened with death by choking.

The total number of allergens is quite diverse and is not restricted to reaction to citrus or any chemicals. So, the body of any person may be an inappropriate response to:

  • food (this can be allergic to eggs, nuts, honey);
  • dust (reaction to small dust mites that live in houses);
  • drugs (local anesthetics or antibiotics);
  • medicines (vaccines, plasma and blood donor);
  • the pollen of various plants (the name of such allergies – hay fever);
  • the stings of bees, spiders or wasps;
  • household chemicals (detergents for washing clothes, dishwashing);
  • construction chemicals (allergies can be the result of excessive inhalation of fumes of varnishes and paints).

What are the different types of allergic reactions and their manifestations?

Pathogens allergies affect the human body either locally, causing only local symptoms and systemic, having a negative impact on the entire body and its systems. In addition, allergies can be of varying severity, and have different speed of development.

Most often in the throat can have the following reactions:

angioedema is the most severe swelling of the larynx;

allergic pharyngitis;

  • allergic laryngitis;
  • allergic inflammation of the pharynx;
  • anaphylactic shock.

If we talk about the symptoms, the symptoms often resembles the flow of a normal infection of viral nature. The patient may be discomfort in the throat and larynx, accompanied by dry cough. Still there may be congestion of the nasal passages, hoarseness, and acute sore throat. Such manifestations of the disease is typical for those who live in Metropolitan areas, and regularly breathing dust and harmful gases, the symptoms here will always appear bright.

Pharyngitis allergic nature manifested by dryness in the mouth and heat in the throat. In addition, the disease is characterized by the following symptoms: change in voice and pain while swallowing.

The body temperature may remain within the norm of or slightly increase up to 35 degrees. The mucous membrane of the throat in such cases, edematous and hyperemic, which causes discomfort inswallowing not only food but also saliva, we can say that a sore throat, and quite pronounced.

How does the defeat of the larynx?

The process in the throat and in the larynx is quite acute, subacute, or can become chronic its course. In such cases, the swelling is actively distributed in the oral cavity, face and throat, expressing symptoms clearly and quickly.

If the lump appeared suddenly, it may lead to respiratory failure, which in some cases leads to death of the patient. For lesions of the larynx characterized by the following symptoms:

  • shortness of breath;
  • loss of voice or osiplosti, at an acute allergic reaction should be understood in anaphylactic shock. About 20 percent of the cases of anaphylactic shock ends for the sick person tragically, so its symptoms are extremely important.

    The whole process can take from a few seconds to 5 hours. As soon as the allergen enters the body, in the place of its direct implementation, there is an acute and sharp pain, swelling, redness, can be the Patient must be put horizontally, lifting the feet, and watching for the development of further main symptoms.

    Next, perform the access of oxygen, provide intravenous input of aqueous salt solutions, which are extremely important for restoring normal levels of blood circulation and pressure.

    Mild forms of Allergy throat include identifying its causes and eliminating them. In addition, apply additional measures which provide for air purification, reduction of storage of dust in the room where there is a sick man.

    Suffering an allergic reaction should know that it is necessary to abandon bad habits, and lifestyles if it was the start of the development of the disease.