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Psoriasis: pictures, types and symptoms

Its very name of skin disease psoriasis takes from the Greek language, accurately describing its main manifestations in the form of itching, which leads to constant scratching and violate the integrity of the skin.

First and foremost, in addition to a strong itching and scabies, psoriasis is characterized by specific scales, which are formed as a result of the accelerated metabolism in the affected area of the skin, where cell division is happening here not just at an accelerated pace, and almost 30 times faster than in a healthy layer of the epidermis.

At this speed, the cage just does not have time to Mature, starts the process of destruction of the intercellular connections and the patient begins to itch. Together with the rapid cell division in the process activates the immune system, which is simply to attack its own cells, which causes eventually the inflammation on the skin. You definitely need to know the First symptom, which is impossible not to notice, is the appearance of the skin spots, which are covered by specific scales. When you touch the scales you may notice that they can be easily separated.

You can select and that point that is localized psoriasis most often on the knees, elbows, joints. Most often the disease affects the skin, which relies on the fringe of the scalp.

In addition, localization of psoriasis may be located on the ground of permanent injury, or RUB sores. However, this factor cannot be considered a universal diagnostic criterion.

Speaking about the size of the rash, it is worth emphasizing that they can be quite different, first it can be papules of small size. Gradually, however, rashes may start to increase in size, while in most cases, the papules tend to merge and form one large lesion.

It is important to emphasize that psoriasis can harm not only the skin. When the disease is the possibility of damage to the nail plate, hair sometimes internal organs.

As for the symptoms , nail changes begins with what is the hyperkeratosis beneath the surface of the nail plate, which is curved.

If we are talking about the lose inside the body, it is often the cause of acts of psoriatic arthritis, which affects small joints first, and then leads to inflammatory processes which are always accompanied by a pronounced pain syndrome.

And of course, the main manifestation of psoriasis always itch is, in fact, from which it takes its name and ailment. As a result of severe itching, the patient can comb the site of the lesion to the formation of cracks. Such trauma to the skin leads not just to the formation of bleeding, andprovides access to bacterial infections associated type.


As for the treatment of psoriasis, it can occur in several forms.

  • First, common local treatment in the form of various ointments and creams that are supposed to stop cell division and remove the manifestation of itching.
  • Second, it can be drugs based on corticosteroids, which can normally and rapidly eliminated not only inflammation, but also to normalize the process of cell division.
  • Third used physiotherapy, aimed at normal blood flow to the affected area of the skin.

And of course there is a whole list of means of alternative medicine, which in certain cases are well-proven.