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Psoriasis on the hands treatment the initial stage on the skin of the fingers and nails

Psoriasis on the hands is an inflammatory disease of a chronic nature. Psoriasis affects the interdigital area of the palm and wrist. Disease stimulates social maladjustment of people tend to develop complexes, there are problems with self-esteem.

The disease is not fatal, psoriasis dangerous for its complications, and prolonged passage. In the process of development of the disease occur lesions of the joints of the upper and lower limbs, in addition, the probability of occurrence of psoriatic arthritis.

These complications can lead to disability and permanent disability. The process of treatment of psoriasis is very long, and requires a tailored comprehensive approach. With proper treatment, remission is significantly increased.

Symptoms of psoriasis on hands

First symptoms of psoriasis characterized by the appearance of single inflammation between the toes, on the palms and sometimes on the back of his hands. Of course, psoriasis on the hands is striking, which is not true of the lesions on the scalp. The disease develops psychological problems and can cause physical discomfort, difficult giving in to treatment. So, psoriasis of the fingertips of the person can't perform many actions due to violations of skin sensitivity.

Psoriasis on the hands can be different: in the form of single spots of different sizes or detachment of the nail until its complete loss. The disease is accompanied by swelling near joints and on them. The skin on the hands dry, it cracks and inflammation.

Psoriasis on the palms

About a quarter of people with psoriasis suffer from inflammation of the feet and palms: Palmar – plantar form of the disease. Here thickens the epidermis, top layer of skin is badly ogrubevaet. It becomes the cause of the seals shade of red, covered with cracks, and similar to corn. Clinical manifestations of the disease similar to eczema or a fungal infection, so the diagnostic method is a biopsy.

Palmar-plantar psoriasis causes person a huge amount of inconvenience, spots difficult to hide under clothing, the cracks cause pain. Psoriatic lesions appear as plaques are round or oval in shape with light scales, which fall off, as in the photo.

Inflammation is clearly visible on the surface of the skin and have a bright shade of red. Sometimes it can be yellow pustules, that is, non-communicable education, which are located in the deeper layers of the skin (Palmar-plantar pustules, as in the photo).

The main symptoms are:

  1. Significant thickening of the epidermis;
  2. Dry skin;
  3. Redness accompanied by small cracks.

With time on rough areasarise mesalamine education, with distinct rims. Such formation can be locally placed on healthy skin, and can be interconnected, forming a large area of affected skin. Within psoriatic plaques typically have pustules, growing deep in the skin.

In psoriasis the skin becomes rough and dry, covered with cracks. The disease seriously affects the quality of human life, bringing him constant excruciating discomfort. Treatment is characterized by the use of combination therapy.

Psoriasis on the fingers

The disease manifests inflamed areas that were especially hard flakes fall and winter. If there is no proper treatment, these areas appear psoriatic plaques, after which the skin is broken, and looks very untidy.

Often it is accompanied by unpleasant sensations which cause a person permanent inconvenience.

Treatment of psoriasis on hands

The most common factors for the disease are the following:

  • Hormonal disorders and metabolic disorders.
  • Pathology of the immune system.
  • Heredity.
  • Mechanical impact on the skin.
  • Constant contact with chemicals and aggressive media: paints, powders, detergents, etc.
  • Prolonged depression, stress, psychological turmoil.

The treatment of psoriasis

To cure psoriasis on hand will need quite a long time and the right integrated approach. Therapy should be focused on reduction of foci of inflammation and elimination of the disease status remission usually used various ointments for psoriasis.

If there are inflammatory lesions, before how to treat psoriasis on hands to start, you need to remove all mechanical and chemical effects on his hands. It is important to pay attention to the skin near the joints, because in these places most often cracks appear.

In half of the cases of lesions of the hands are affected and the nail plate, which is much thicken, break and peel. So you need to constantly monitor the hand hygiene and their condition is to use high – quality paints, to do a professional manicure.

Most dangerous is the process of lesion plaques the base of the nails. In these places there is almost no contact with air, treating these areas is difficult, therefore, healing is a long time. Dermatologists recommend to pay special attention to hands have always been dry and clean, because the moisture under the nail aggravated the situation.

From the point of view of traditional treatment methods, you can try a treatment of psoriasis celandine, usually the effect is achievedpositive in most patients.