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Treatment of nail psoriasis: basic methods and tools

Psoriasis – a disease of the skin, which may affect the nail plate. It is therefore not surprising that patients with a diagnosis of the psoriasis begins to appear some changes in the structure and appearance of the nail plate on the hands or feet. However, means of combating this disease is, and about some we will talk in the following article.

According to the data, which was presented by American researchers, more than 50% of all patients with a diagnosis of psoriasis, the disease affects not only the skin but also the nail plate. Despite the fact that the main manifestation of psoriasis is a simple change in appearance of the nail, besides the fact that it brings purely aesthetic discomfort, the consequences of advanced disease can be much more dangerous. Talking about psoriatic arthritis.

Despite the fact that as a disease, nail psoriasis (and any other psoriasis) today and remains an incurable disease, it is possible to stop and minimize all the signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of psoriasis of the nails

The defeat of the nail plate is due to the fact that the disease directly affects the formation of the structure of the nail plate. It turns out that the disease is fully associated with all manifestations, therefore we can conclude that psoriasis of the nails, be sure you can detect on the body and other lesions characteristic of skin disease, and Vice versa.

So just nail disease is found in itself is extremely rare. Symptoms of the disease are different, however, you can highlight the main points:

  • Discoloration of nail plates, they acquire a yellowish tint;
  • On the surface of the plates are formed of points, similar to wormholes;
  • White spots appear similar to the selection of calcium;
  • The nail plate begins to thicken and may separate from the bed.

How to treat psoriasis in nails?

The choice of treatment and medicines depends on the type of disease and the degree of neglect of illness. Psoriasis, which is seen not only on nails, but also on the human skin can be common treatment, this method should have a beneficial impact on all the problems caused by the disease.

There are many ways to treat nail psoriasis, but in principle, all methods can be divided into several major groups:

  • The treatment of local character. Are drugs and medications that are applied topically;
  • Treatment vitamins. As a rule, well affectspsoriasis Calcipotriene specially developed form of synthetic vitamin D3, which affects cells, significantly slowing down their growth;
  • Corticosteroids. Potent drug, which has anti-inflammatory effects and can also be applied topically, directly to the nail plate;
  • Steroid drugs specifically for the treatment of nails. They are available as strips which can be pasted on the nail plate at the time of treatment;
  • Various creams, which must resist the action of the nail plate;
  • Injection of corticosteroids, were rarely used, and the injection is given directly into the nail bed. In fact, in some cases, this type of treatment eliminates all symptoms of psoriasis.

In addition, medicine today and offers the option of using ultraviolet light, the so-called phototherapy. It uses a psoralen is a light – sensitive drug and ultraviolet radiation A. the Essence of the method lies also in the slowdown in the growth of cells, which can show sensitivity to UV light. Moreover, the drug psoralen in this method can be applied both orally and externally applied directly on the nail plate exposed to the disease.

It is worth mentioning that used in the treatment and surgical intervention that is necessary if deformation of the nails went too far and required complete removal. In addition, to give the nails an aesthetic, elegant look, it is possible to apply a method of cosmetic transformation. Paint the nail varnish, to cut some parts.

Prevention of the disease

In addition to the treatment of nail psoriasis, we need to keep them in good condition, this will prevent us from relapses, but will also help the nail to be healthy. You can bring a few simple but effective tips on prevention:

  • Nails should be in good shape;
  • Mowing the nails should be shorter, and not to leave them long and brittle;
  • During the work, especially physical properties at hand it is best to wear protective gloves;
  • In the case of psoriasis of the nails on the foot, the footwear should be spacious;
  • There is a need to avoid mechanical damage to the nails;
  • In cleaning of the fingernail you want to apply a soft, non-traumatic instruments;
  • From time to time, you must soak nail in warm water with oil.