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Spider veins during pregnancy: treatment for feet and face

and are associated with disorders of the venous circulation. Moreover, the presence of varicose veins does not cause the appearance of spider veins.

By themselves, these veins on the skin and on the breast are not a disease, dangerous to health or life of the mother and fetus during pregnancy. But appearance they do not decorate. Telangiectasia is a significant cosmetic defect and many people tend to be quick to eliminate it.

Special attention is needed on changes in appearance in pregnant women. Usually, legs pregnant because of body mass and other factors suffer the most. The reasons that cause violations in the legs, should include the lack of vitamins, low tone of the capillary vessels, growth, etc.

About the problem with his legs swelling signals that are not a harmless problem. Spider veins on the feet, red color will lead to serious consequences. The situation will not remain at the level of situational pain and discomfort.

Appear as spider veins

Depending on the source of the emergence, spider veins can be venous, capillary or arterial. In outward appearance they are divided into linear, spot, spider and a tree. Such differentiation does not imply any distinction in the context of therapeutic action.

Linear spider veins have a reddish color. They often appear on the face: the nose or cheeks. The General medical name for such defects rosacea.

Blue or red tree-like or linear spider veins during pregnancy most often occur on the legs.

Spider spider veins is a set of enlarged capillaries that radiate in different directions from the center, which serves as their feeding arteriole. Usually, these symptoms red.

In women on the lower limbs often arise from several types of veins. There are two usual types of accommodation:

  • in the inner region of the thigh become visible dilated linear vessels, which are located parallel to each other;
  • on the outer surface of the femur appear tree-like vessels, localized around the circumference.

Effective treatment of spider veins during pregnancy requires an understanding of their type and placement on the body. There are several features that are extremely important to pay attention to:

  1. Reticular varices and spider veins do not cause in the locations of pain.
  2. Doctors distinguish the pain kind of vascular veins, which is quite rare. For example, during menstruation, in women on the leg mesh redder and starts to hurt.
  3. Whatever form of vascular veins was not, in the absolute majority of patients haveconcern over the aesthetic side of the problem. This causes people to take steps to treatment, therefore, the most popular treatments with a high cosmetic effect.

Causes of

Spider veins is a consequence of venous insufficiency, i.e. varicose veins. Varicose veins is a disease where wear of the vascular wall, they lose their tone, leading to a deterioration of the outflow of venous blood.

Spider veins and cause discomfort and systemic fatigue of the legs. In General, networks are important signs of varicose veins once they appear, should be timely seek medical advice.

It's best if people think they have varicose veins, consult and examined the special profile of the doctor – phlebologist. By the way, such stars are often similar to rosacea on the face.

If a woman is in the process of pregnancy, you can't treat a sprocket laser removal, that is to sklerozirovanie of Vienna. After several consultations with the doctor should implement a list of actions that should relieve lower extremity pain and the risk of varicose veins:

  1. Food. In the diet of the patient should receive foods with a high content of vitamins E and C, it will strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve well-being. Among such products, it is necessary to highlight the dried fruit, fish, nuts, berries, kiwi, parsley, oranges, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.

Diet during pregnancy should be balanced, without overeating, as it is important to control weight. Strong overabundance of excess weight stimulates varicose veins.

  1. Special physical exercises. If we are talking about a pregnant woman with spider veins, the solution of such studies must take a physician.

A good preventive measure against varicose veins is a lightweight gymnastics and swimming. To do this type of loads of worth, if health permits.

  1. Wearing loose, light clothing. In the presence of vascular veins, it is important to wear natural fabrics casual. Clothes should not squeeze the body and have a lot of rubber bands.

Each time sitting down no need to lower down the legs, it is best to put them on a pillow on a small hill.

  1. Not recommended in the presence of varicose veins or spider veins massage.

In addition, you should consult with your doctor on the use of special ointments.