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Rash on labia

Rash on labia – this is a very unpleasant manifestation of the body's response to stressors or disease, which can cause a woman all kinds of discomfort. At the first signs of occurrence of unusual skin rashes of the genital organs in women the first thing you need to find out the cause of appearance and find out how it is dangerous to health.

Why are rashes on the genitals

Most often, a rash may appear on the pubic area, in the region of small and large labia. The reason is often poor underwear made of synthetics, which leads to irritation of the skin. Also cause a rash can diseases sexually transmitted nature of the tumor. On this basis, different causes of internal and external nature.

The most common cause of a rash on the labia become external:

  • Wearing low-quality underwear from a poorly breathable materials, too tight clothes;
  • Regular use of such personal hygiene products like pads, tampons, and personal protective equipment in the form of condoms;
  • Frequent use of cosmetics that may cause allergic reactions;
  • Unprofessionally done hair removal.

The internal factors include the following diseases:

  • Thrush;
  • Genital warts;
  • Genital herpes;
  • Syphilis and many other diseases of the sexual sphere.

In some cases, such a reaction of the body in the form of a rash cause diseases such as ringworm, psoriasis, scabies. Including cause may be the formation of a tumor.

The rashes on the genitals

The nature of lesions on labia women doctor diagnose disease that is hidden behind such a reaction:

In diseases of the endocrine nature may appear reddish rash on the genitals.

If a woman, despite the rash of red color, feels no pain or itching, it is possible that it is caused by hormonal disorders. A similar phenomenon can be observed in teenagers or during menopause.

Small rash not labia can sometimes occur due to irritation of the skin due to the rubbing of underwear.

Large pimples, not causing pain, can be Wen.

If skin surface is supercooled, it can occur hardish pimples with the scales, causing pain.

Rash white color can also occur due to hypothermia or severe overheating of the body.

If the labia appeared a reddish heel, with itching – this may indicate the development of thrush.

When injected into the body of the virus on the surface skin can be formedgenital warts, similar in appearance to warts.

When a bacterial infection on the genitals appear purulent painful rash.

With small vesicles and pustules, doctors diagnose most often herpes.

Big pimple with pus may report on the development in women of syphilis. Later formed a small rash with spots and small ulcers.

Sometimes rash white on labia the doctors considered the norm.

The development of any pathology surface covered with scales and plaques.

Rare sometimes pimples can appear if a woman is stressed out or nervous shock.

The swelling of the labia may report on the development of cancer.

Rash on labia red

Large red pimples can be a manifestation of the disease acne. Rashes often cause hormonal disruption in a woman's body during pregnancy, puberty or menopause. Also, the cause may be diseases of the endocrine nature.

Apart from internal diseases, red rash can cause a lot of stress, lack of sleep, overwork, poor-quality cosmetics.

Rash on labia white

This rash most often reports the incorrect care of the intimate area and low level of hygiene women. Due to improper hair removal from the bikini area can develop inflammation and form a pimple. A similar reaction can be while wearing bad breathable underwear made of synthetics.

About bacterial disease you can tell if the rash has a small collection of pus, accompanied by itch and temperature increase.

The defeat of the labia minora

If a woman badly cares for the intimate venue, the labia can form cysts. They are initially painless, but over time, they can get infected, in this case, the treatment is carried out surgically.

Fine reddish rash in this area can be a manifestation of acne. In the case when the Ideal option for care is the children's soap. With shaving hair in intimate places, the razor should be avoided because it causes irritation on the skin.

In other cases, you must contact your doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment. That didn't develop pathology that leads to infertility, you need to worry about your health at the first sign of rash.

Rash in a child

The child has a rash may appear if you are allergic to any cosmetic products, washing powder, clothes from synthetics. Often the rash is formed due to diaper rash in children.

To confirm the diagnosis, you need to seek the advice of a children's doctor. Ifadditional diseases the child is not found, you need to worry about proper nutrition of a baby, care for the sexual organs and the selection of other cosmetic products.