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The baby rash around mouth treatment of pimples in children

Every child at least once in life was a small rash around the mouth, small pimples. If one of the pimples can go fast enough without causing neither discomfort, others for weeks and months actively struggling with unpleasant and itchy rash.

Quality and sustainable in the fight against disease it is necessary to use specific antihistamines. Such means should be modern medicine, which are characterized by quite a mild effect, high efficiency and minimum side effects. No harm will visit an allergist who will help diagnose the source of allergies.

The cause of the rash and its symptoms

The main factors that lead to the start of the rash around the mouth, include normalization of hormonal background of the child. In addition, baby's skin can settle yeast-like fungi, which are recognized as normal and natural microflora. In such cases, the rashes and pimples will not pose any danger to the health of the young person, because the spots are completely absent in the clogged pores, leading to suppuration and inflammation. These pores, also called comedones.

If we are talking about the baby, the pimples around his mouth can occur during teething, because it was that important for the kid period is active salivation. In the result of the draining of saliva on chin, irritation and rash. As soon as the teeth seem on the surface of the gums, and stop selection.

Rash around mouth child red can be a signal of starting an allergic reaction. It usually occurs suddenly. If the rash is supplemented by a tearing, irritation and secretions from the sinuses, in this case, cause skin rashes around the mouth – this is an Allergy, we must Not forget that such diseases can be accompanied by: weakness, chills, increased body temperature. The parents alone are not able to make an accurate diagnosis. It is therefore necessary to carefully observe the child and collect for the doctor a detailed description of the baby's diet, his stool, well-being and General state of the organism. Each of these illnesses besides the rash can even have additional symptoms.

At the slightest suspicion of the infection, you need to get in the ambulance or physician. In some situations, provides for urgent treatment of the skin.

In addition to the above, there are cases when without the help of a dermatologist can not do. Referral to a specialist is shown in such situations:

  • the intensity and amount of rash around baby's mouth is constantly growing or eroding, even aftereliminate the source of the allergic reaction;
  • there is no real possibility for a long time to give up on cosmetic products;
  • there is an urgent need to eliminate the manifestations of lesions in the shortest possible time;
  • on the skin of the face began to appear serious enough inflammation, ulcers, and the skin started to peel off.

Usually, treatment of similar problems, even if they are accompanied by inflammation, takes place without hospitalization. Despite this it is impossible to treat rashes too lightly. In such cases, you need to seek medical help and undergo a thorough checkup of the whole body.

If there is no other symptoms except rash, to establish the true causes of small pimples around the mouth you must pass a stool for analysis for the presence of worms, if it's not in addition, you can set in the nursery of the modern air humidifier, which will maintain the optimum indoor climate.

If the child is still small enough and is breastfed, his mother, it is extremely important to watch your hygiene with special care. Before each feeding it is important to rinse the Breasts with warm boiled water, which will prevent the entrance to the child bacteria that can cause irritation of the perioral area, Allergy food can, and in this manifestation to be.

If parents will carefully monitor the health and appearance of their children, as well as to perform some simple recommendations, then it can easily prevent the beginning of a rash around the mouth, and to minimize its manifestations. With the right approach, even the outbreak of the rash will occur with minimal symptoms and no complications.