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Vishnevsky ointment: description of the preparation and scope of

The invention of the last century, which continues to operate in this century in the field of medicine, it just about Vishnevsky ointment.

Today we can say that the drug has been tested over decades and proved to be a great antiseptic. Moreover, the composition of the ointment is surprisingly simple, it consists of tar, castor oil and xeroform.


All properties of a drug relate to the areas of its use. We can say that it is safe to use when:

  • burns,
  • bedsores,
  • long-term healing of trophic ulcers,
  • for drying the boils,
  • rashes acne.

Often the ointment can be applied with frostbite. There are indications in which Feedback about ointments allow us to say that it is proving constantly its efficiency and in gynecology. Inflammatory processes react well to balls that are impregnated with the ointment and placed in the vagina.

Also the great popularity of ointment got when getting rid of pimples. This, of course, is a terrible disease, but the cosmetic effect is always "on the face". As for acne treatment, is used for this gauze mask is completely soaked in the ointment. The mask is superimposed on the problem area or all over the face. In the second case, you will need to pre-cut spaces for eyes and mouth. Despite the unsightly appearance, the mask has an incredibly effective impact on the skin.

Recommended mask to keep for a few hours twice a week and the course will finish after the full cleansing of the skin.

In principle, the ointment can be applied and open way, just so she's not such a long time will be on the skin.

Today the drug can be found in two forms of production. First, it is traditional Vishnevsky ointment, and secondly, this balsamic liniment prescription Professor Vishnevsky.


Most often the wax can be used in surgery. This is due to the fact that she, in fact, no side effects, and body, weakened after surgery, it is particularly important. In addition, it has proven to be highly effective at healing not only the wounds but also cuts after surgery.

Official manual, which is the drug, says that its use is shown at home with abscess, abscess, carbuncles and boils. If found a problem with the blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Burn wounds and frostbite, as mentioned above, in the absence of complications, can be treated at home with ointments or limit Veshnevskogo.

Particularly noteworthy diseases such as thrombophlebitis, endarteritis obliterans, lymphadenitis, allthey are from vascular disease of the lower extremities, and the background of may develop lesions of the skin, down to trophic ulcers.

Actually, any trophic ulcer, regardless of origin, can be treated with ointment Vishnevsky. In addition to treatment ointment gives in psoriasis and varicose ulcers.


As such the contraindications of the drug, except for its intolerance in an individual order. If the patient is allergic to one component of the drug.

More no contraindications for decades, the use of the drug have not been identified.