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How to get rid of the lump on the head without consequences

A fatty lipoma or a lipoma in medicine is a small entity under the skin that consists of adipose tissue. If the problem is small, it remains a potentially safe for the patient. But it is better not to risk their health and appearance and immediately to consult a specialist before it will start to grow. Such a tumor can be felt in any person, regardless of gender and age.

Причины появления жировиков на голове

Among experts there is a lot of differences, but there are three main reasons why you may receive Wen:

  • Clogging of the sebaceous glands;
  • Heredity;
  • The slagging of the body.

The appearance of Wen

Not every lump is formed on the head can be considered as a Wen. It is actually quite easy to distinguish from other diseases. Almost all lipomas in the head is quite soft to the touch. They easily roll under your fingers, and this process does not cause pain. If, during the ripening problem occurred with the interaction of connective tissues, the tumor may be more dense than in other cases.

How to safely get rid of white bumps

    • Traditional methods

      At home you can also remove the lipoma on his head, but only if its dimensions do not exceed 2 centimeters. A great tool is Kalanchoe. The leaf should be cut lengthwise and attach to the damaged area of the skin. Served on top of the usual food film, so the effect was more noticeable. The compress should be kept about twelve to fourteen hours, and then to change. Ideally, the procedure should be performed twice a day. If the treatment will be carried out by the patient regularly, soon the lump will completely disappear.


      In addition to Kalanchoe, you can use the leaves Golden mustache. They removed the protective film and the side of the pulp sheets are applied to the lipoma. The compress can be secured with adhesive tape. To change the list for three times a day.