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Squeezing Wen – the pros and cons of the method

Before surgery, each surgeon should be familiar with the Wen and case history. Thus, it is possible to choose the most correct and appropriate treatment. Some patients are faced with small formations of white on various parts of the body, take them for the pimples and trying to squeeze the lump while doing it undesirable. Manifestation is benign, but can cause a lot of complications with improper behavior with him. Because it is not necessary to self-medicate and take the time with self-treatment problems.

Locations and causes

Most often, lipomas are formed on the face but on the body they can also be found. It is worth noting the fact that its consistency is quite dense and lump is under the skin's top layer. To fully remove the manifestation and re-formed bump, need to excise not only the content but also the capsule.

Народные методы самолечения

You can select these methods of home treatment of folk remedies:

  • Egg film;
  • The compositions of herbs;
  • The plant Golden mustache.

One of the ancient methods of dealing with the problem – film from the eggs of domestic chicken. The patient it is important to know that at the beginning of this procedure on the affected location can occur redness, and swelling. Such a reaction is perfectly normal, but just in case, if you do not suffer from allergies to this product. Treatment should consist of three or four sessions, then the lump will start to disappear. In this case, it will not be necessary that the patient pressed a lipoma, but it will take a lot of time and patience, because each case is individual and not always able to achieve the expected results.

When it comes to white bumps on the face, it is necessary to observe all the rules and caution. Even proven formulations herbs may cause unexpected consequences on your skin color, make it too oily and dry, and also cause excessive acne.


Very popular house plant such as Golden mustache, which is used as medicine. The plant leaf needs to be cut in half and a soft side to attach to the affected area on the skin. Better to fix the compress with gauze for 12 hours, then change it. Treatment duration is 10 to 12 days, after that the tumor completely disappears from the body.