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What to do if there is a lump on the female breast?

Wen is a common form of pathology in which fat of any location becomes a place for the development of education in the form of a knot, filled with tumor cells. Lipoma (medical name Wen) is a class of benign tumors, in very rare cases modifitsiruyushchee malignant.

Риски, связанные с развитием липомы

It is not necessary to open the Wen of their own. It will not help get rid of the knot completely, but will definitely cause multiple relapses in addition, the use of non-sterile tools will lead to inflammation in the chest and possible operations to eliminate the consequences.

The risk associated with the development of lipoma:

  • By itself lipoma is not dangerous, but if time does not begin treatment lipoma on his chest, then over time it can increase in size and develop into a malignant tumor (cancer).
  • The female breast is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so tumors in this area have the highest risk of degeneration into malignant tumor that poses a serious danger to the body.

The actions of the physician

    • Delayed treatment

      In cases where the patient is afraid to give permission for surgery, or there are other health problems that do not allow to perform the procedure immediately, or a woman breastfeeds, the operation may be postponed indefinitely or even cancelled. The lipoma requires careful self-observation, a visit to a mammography every 6 months for inspection and repeat surveys. With proper control, to live with a lipoma without surgery.