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A tumor on the ear: diagnosis and treatment of Wen

The appearance of lump on any part of the body causes anxiety in people. The great danger it poses. Wen in the ear often can grow in the outer ear canal, earlobe, ear cartilage. Inflammation of the tumor leads to its detection and cause a lot of trouble to the patient.

Диагностика жировика

Wen, located deep in the ear canal or into the growing tissue, to examine and diagnose more difficult. Therefore, use of ultrasonic diagnostics, x-ray examination. In severe cases, resort to magnetic resonance imaging.

How to cure lipoma on the ear and the lobe?

A large number of methods can make the patient to a standstill. There is a folk treatment of ear tumor:

  • Healers tend to compress the pulp of the aloe. After all, to cut and remove the obstructing tissue can be in time always. The substances contained in the plant, for three weeks helping to open the lipoma out. This will ensure the drainage of pus and lipid substances. You can use infusions of nettle, mother and stepmother.
  • To remove the annoying tumor on the ear is very simple with the help of film from chicken eggs. Regular application improves local circulation and relieves the symptoms of inflammation. Quickly cure your lipoma will not work, so you need to tune in to a long course.
  • Treatment with celandine should be done very carefully, because the tissues of the ear have a delicate structure and very vulnerable. Burn point, so as not to cause burns of healthy tissue. When lipoma is opened, the inflammation treated with Vishnevsky ointment.

Laser treatment

    • The effect of radio waves

      Method has a maximum efficiency and a large number of advantages:

      • no bleeding, painless
      • preservation of disability;
      • there is no need for stitches;
      • the tissue scarring;
      • there is no complications.

      Traditional recipes from Wens

      For the treatment of white bumps on the earlobe or behind the ear you can use the following simple recipes:

      • Cut a small piece of fresh aloe leaf and apply it to the earlobe or another site of localization of Wen. Fix aloe can be using the patch or bandage. To carry out such procedures should be daily for 2 weeks then Wen opened.
      • Instead of the aloe leaf to the affected area can be rubbed the "star". This is an inexpensive ointment with characteristic odor. You can buy in any pharmacy. After the first procedures lipoma can blush, but healers say that this reacie normal and quickly passes.

      Before using popular recipes you must remember that it is a temporary measure that will not provide a quickresult and also involve a risk of skin infection. Before beginning such treatment it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist.

      A radical approach


      Having tried all that offers traditional and non-traditional medicine, one person out of thousands may not be cured. Then Wen removed promptly. Excision of the pathological structures, together with the capsule permanently relieves the patient from lipomas and prevent its further recurrence.