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The causes and methods of treatment of lipomas on hands

Benign tumor composed of adipose tissue, in the medical theory is called lipoma, and the people — it's just a fatty lipoma. Theoretically lipoma can appear on any area of the body where there is even a slight accumulation of adipose tissue. In medical practice, the most frequent subcutaneous talc on the neck, arms, torso, outer thighs, lower back. Lipomas on hands usually do not cause pain, because they rarely reach this size, to squeeze the nerve endings or blood vessels, but not their aesthetic appearance, they can significantly spoil the life of a person.

How does a lipoma?

Lipoma — rounded or oval, movable, slow-growing education, and an average size of from 1 to 10 cm Small subcutaneous talc can remain undetected for a long time until, yet will not increase in size.

Как избежать рецидива?

To minimize the risk of recurrence of lipomas on the arms and other parts of the body should:

  • to remove all the existing tumor (always with the caps);
  • to organize a proper and healthy diet;
  • to treat all of the system diseases of the digestive tract, liver, spleen, endocrine and nervous system;
  • to exclude the possibility of metabolic disorders;
  • give up bad habits;
  • to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Single lipomas, usually respond well to treatment. With multiple things worse; even after, it would seem that this would be a good treatment often have relapses. Most difficult therapy lipomatosis of genetic origin.