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About the lipoma of the breast: it is necessary to know

Lipoma is considered a benign tumor, developing from fat cells. The breast tissue is much subcutaneous fat, growing under certain conditions.

Лечение грудной липомы

Therapy, folk remedies, contrary to popular belief, does not eliminate lipomas of the breast. Everything else, is treated with compresses and lotions can complicate diagnosis of malignant neoplasms.

In the postoperative period is recommended:

  • regular treatment of postoperative suture with the observation that there was no discharge from it.
  • make immune-boosting drugs and other pharmacological agents: vitamins, mineral supplements, herbal preparations.

In some cases, the doctor may prescribe hormonal medications to correct metabolic processes. In addition, it is important to follow a healthy routine of the day with a long sleep, fresh air and balanced diet. Hormonal contraception should be tailored to the disease.