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Formed lipoma on his feet: how to treat?

One of the types of benign tumors formed in the subcutaneous layer, is a lipoma. It occurs when fat cells are ring-fenced and begin to intensely divide and, in a closed space limited by a capsule. Visually on the surface of the legs Wen is a dense ball, easily movable, painless. This type of tumor may have a size of 1-100 mm. Further growth of the Wen is possible, if it separates and hangs on a thin stalk of skin. This starts the process of hardening and necrosis of tissues.

The specificity of the formation of lipomas on the limbs

Wen, located on the hand or foot can easily be injured, to open under the skin and become inflamed, so it is important to diagnose and eliminate it.
Special attention deserves the diffuse lipoma. Such a tumor has no capsule or pouch and consists of numerous small white bumps located along the legs under the skin. It becomes dangerous when merging pathogenic fat cells with muscle tissues, violates them and causes discomfort when walking. Timely removal of diffuse lipoma will preserve foot mobility.

Рецепты народных средств против образований на ноге

To stimulate blood flow, increasing the speed of metabolism and resorption Wen apply compresses with an alcohol tinctures of medicinal herbs, such as ivy. This ivy leaves are crushed and poured rubbing alcohol 1:1, then insist in a dark place for three days. Solution soak the bandage and is applied to the lipoma. To the top of the compress, apply a rubber sheet or a baking sheet and fixed with an elastic bandage or adhesive plaster. Packs of honey vodka superimposed three times a day on the affected area of the legs and fix.


The same procedure can be carried out with the crushed leaves Golden mustache, and you can alternate methods for more effective treatment. By applying the popular treatment it is important to be able to stop in time if there were complications or progress and to seek help from a specialist.