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How to treat lump on the back

Caused by clogging of sebaceous glands in the human body can develop lipomas, or as they are popularly called, Wen. They occur on any area of the body where there is subcutaneous fat tissue on the face, the limbs, the head, the breast, in the armpit, below the shoulder blade.

The nature of these tumors is benign. Into cancer lipoma back are usually not reborn. Usually a lump or bulge to notice relatives or specialist doing the massage. Often Wen has a long development cycle and remains unnoticed until, until it becomes a cosmetic defect, for example, starts to bulge under clothing.

Classification of lipomas

Spinal cord lipoma is a capsule with the contained fatty tissue.

Чем лечить липому спины?

The most effective method of cure lipoma on the back will be its removal, which can be performed in several ways.

  • Surgical removal of the traditional method. The tumor is cut across the wound, the doctor removes the contents of the capsules, cleans the cavity and the sutures. This operation is not complicated, but it is important that the doctor emptied the capsule of Wen as a whole, otherwise there can be recurrence of the tumor at the same place. The disadvantage of surgical removal is a pretty noticeable scar on the intervention.
  • Liposuction — a method of vacuum suction content Wen through a special tube. Liposuction is a relatively safe method, but after this procedure the risk of recurrence.
  • The method of radio wave and cryodestruction(the effect on the tumor with liquid nitrogen) is effective from a cosmetic point of view, because there are no scars, but later the lipoma grows again.
  • Laser removal of lipomas is the most reliable way of deliverance. The procedure virtually painless, it leaves no scars, no scars, and the risk of recurrence is minimal.
  • Drug treatment — the destruction of the tumor by the introduction in its cavity absorbable drug. The effect of this treatment will be visible after 2-3 months. The lump may disappear or just shrink in size. In this case, you will have to enter the drug again.

Indications for removal

    • Incorrect actions when the lipoma

      Neither the garlic nor the leaves of aloe, nettle or burdock or some other folk remedies do not help with the lump on the back. Lipoma — a tumor that must be removed.

      Another mistake is trying to do a back massage to remove the lipoma.This procedure can strengthen the metabolism and blood supply of a tumor that will lead to its increased growth.

      Third mistake will be getting rid of the tumorwith the help of weight loss. Lipoma on back occur in very thin people, and when you force weight loss it could grow even more.


      It is important to remember that the method of treatment of a lipoma need to choose a doctor, the initiative can lead to disastrous results.