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Treatment of lump on head

The lump is called a benign tumor, it is a movable ball-shaped subcutaneous education. The lipoma (Wen) is often confused with a trichilemmal cyst (cyst sebaceous glands), which in symptoms like fat education. The lump on the hairy part of the body can be like a child and an adult. Most often this trouble is occurring because of the pathology of fat cells or metabolic. In some patients, the cause is heredity. Wen is not dangerous, can occur only a cosmetic problem. If you lipoma start to hurt, you need to consult a specialist dermatologist.

How dangerous lump on the head

The lump on the head if timely therapy is not a threat. To determine whether there is a danger, a diagnosis of sickness from a doctor. In addition to the inspection, the technician can assign to ultrasonography, biopsy and cytological analysis. All research tests will help determine treatment. In the early stages it will be medications, surgery in the case when tumor removal is not necessary.

Способы удаления

To traditional methods of removing fat education refer these methods:

  • puncture – when to pump out the contents of the lipoma with a syringe or a special apparatus;
  • excision is when the surgeon cuts with a scalpel Wen and removes the capsule of the tumor, cleans the wound from fat tissues;
  • endoscopy is when, Wen, make a small hole and insert the endoscope. The surgeon removes the lymph node capsule and controlling their work using video equipment.
  • removal using laser and radio-wave devices are less traumatic ways of dealing.


In the exclusion of factors that contribute to change fatty tissue and then the appearance of the tumor is a lipoma prevention. It is based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits.


Doctors advise to remember about proper diet, do not eat foods with preservatives. Also experts recommend to remember about elementary rules of hygiene, i.e., to keep clean the body. If the first signs Wen you need to contact the doctor. The dermatologist will prescribe a treatment that will help to get rid of the disease before Wen inflamed and become visible.