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Laser, surgical and alternative treatment for lipoma

Lipoma (Wen, lipoblastoma) is a benign fatty tumor. Lipoma is the result of uncontrolled division of fat cells and can appear on any area of the body where there is fat tissue: skin, subcutaneous, perirenal and retroperitoneal tissue, lungs, mammary glands, mediastinum, meninges, the digestive tract. Externally, it is a soft movable painless education, the average value of from 1 to 10 cm (there are known cases when the size of the lipomas was 50 cm). According to experts of traditional medicine, treatment of a lipoma is only effective provided that they are surgical removal. With this approach strongly disagree supporters of folk and other non-traditional methods of treatment.

Do I need to remove lipomas?

The answer to the question about the necessity of removal of lipomas is controversial. Nobody wants to go under the knife, especially if there are non-surgical ways of getting rid of the problem. But doctors argue that such ways exist. All of them are inclined to think that no compresses from the pharmacy or folk remedies (Vishnevsky ointment, iodine, cinnamon, ivy, etc.) and other methods of alternative medicine (leeches, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) do not cure and even reduce in size the lump.

Нетрадиционные методы лечения липом

However, as practice shows, a lot of patients, before turning to the doctor, used to his unconventional practices, among which the most popular:

  • Imposing a compress with Vishnevsky ointment or Ichthyol ointment. Ointment applied on a cotton pad or bandage and applied to the Wen fix. Change the compress after 10-12 hours. The procedure was carried out for 3 days, after that 1-2 days make a break; then the whole process repeated.
  • The use of cinnamon. Every day the patient with lipomatosis need to eat 1 tablespoon of cinnamon. To continue the use of this spice should be up to full recovery.
  • Treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy). It is believed that leeches effectively cope with pathological overgrowth of fat and save a person from surgery.
  • External application of hydrogen peroxide. According to some reports, the lubrication or apply compresses with hydrogen peroxide promotes the release of content Wen out.
  • Lubrication Wen vinegar and iodine. A mixture of vinegar and iodine are used for ointments lipomas 2-3 times a day for a long time before the release of the contents of the tumor.
  • Rubbing sheep fat. Mutton fat is heated in a water bath, using cotton swab or bandage is applied to the Wen and vigorously rubbed.
  • Treatment with hydrogen peroxide according to the method Neumyvakina. Professor Neumyvakin has developed amethodology for external and internal application of hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of adenomas, fibromas, lipomas and other tumours.

The choice of the therapeutic method depends on many factors (size and location of the tumor, comorbidities, number of lipomas, etc.). In any case, the only competent approach to treatment ensures the patient's full recovery.