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Talc on the back: the main methods of removal

Wen is a benign neoplasm, which appears of fatty tissue. Lipomas are formed because of clogging of the sebaceous glands. They can appear wherever there is body fat. On the back Wens most likely to occur in the upper part. A place where there is a tumor, increases in size, and the lipoma becomes visible. The cause of the formations is not fully understood.

Удаление с помощью народных средств

A list of some recipes from fat formations:

  • Sour cream and honey mask is applied to the affected area. For its preparation should be mixed in equal parts honey, sour cream, salt. Smear the mixture for 25 minutes. The course lasts 10 procedures.
  • Kalanchoe has a beneficial effect. Need a fresh sheet cut lengthwise and attach to the Wen having fixed it with a patch. The procedure is repeated until then, until the lipoma disappear.

In the same way is applied and the sheet of al. The procedure is best done at night.

  • Can be baked in the oven with fresh onion, then grind in a meat grinder. Apply as a compress to the tumor.
  • A lipoma can burn celandine and garlic. This takes the juice of these plants.

A variety of treatments will help to remove a fatty lipoma. The specialist will determine the appropriate method of therapy. In the prevention of disease are encouraged to eat a balanced diet, regularly clean the skin with cosmetic products, especially if it is oily.