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Vaginal herpes: effective treatment, causes and main symptoms

The herpes virus is the most common ailment among the population of the planet, and one of the four types of the disease is almost everyone, regardless of age or location.

One of the varieties of virus, the genital or vaginal herpes and symptoms which are typical of rash on the genitals. The disease is called herpes virus type and the main symptoms are the appearance of discomfort and lesions on labia, buttocks and inner thighs in women.

The main symptoms

Clinical manifestations of herpes allow you to simply diagnose the disease. After activation of the virus in the body, on the genitals, labia, there is a characteristic rash, first in the form of a small Symptoms of penile herpes in men does not differ from the manifestations in women, the only difference is the genitals, which are likewise covered with eruptions on the trunk of the penis and foreskin. Everything else the same, including pain, temperature, and enlarged lymph nodes, which causes cold sores.

If you experience the first symptoms of herpes, you should not treat them lightly, but not to panic. Herpes is not a fatal disease, and is treatable, most importantly normally and to promptly contact their doctor. After the doctor will do an exam and make a diagnosis, will have the right, from all points of view, treatment.

Causes and risk factors

It is possible to identify several risk factors that contribute to the activation of herpes virus, or open the way for infection:

  • The General decrease in immunity. As soon as the immune system weakens, the herpes aktiviziruyutsya. Note that it is always in the body but dormant;
  • Multiple sexual partners. It is always a risk factor that raises the severity of infection;
  • Unprotected sex. Sexual, vaginal herpes is already in your name stands for the main way of infection.

The treatment of the disease

Once we define that herpes is not treatable. Even today, with modern means, he stopped, removed the symptoms, and the virus is "frozen", so to speak. This is due to the fact that once entering the body, herpes begins to change the genetic structure of cells, and all treatment is aimed only at putting down this process and the reduction and leveling of the external manifestations.

The basis of any treatment of herpes is the course of antiherpetic drugs. Itcan be as a means of the local application of various ointments, creams and oral treatment. Sometimes prescribe a course of antiviral chemotherapy.

Of the drugs effective against herpes are: Acyclovir, Famciclovir, Zovirax. All of them are sold in pharmacies. In the course of treatment can be Interferon and various immunomodulators. In the case of severe pain are prescribed analgesics and painkillers. In any case, the course is developed based on many factors and your doctor.

It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that vaginal herpes may require treatment for more than one month, this is especially possible if eruptions became more frequent. In the treatment factors of tolerability of certain drugs, age, and General condition of the patient.

After consultation with a dermatologist, you can combine prescribed drugs and folk remedies. However, here we must immediately clarify that such use is possible only with the approval of the attending physician, and should not be the only initiative of the patient, self-treatment in case of vaginal herpes, is quite dangerous.

For cleaning you can use a decoction of Arnica, as lotions used birch buds, for oral administration, in the form of decoction, you can use the berries of viburnum.


From the point of view of prevention, the most common recommendations concern protected sex and order sex life. In addition, to avoid recurrences, avoid stress, hypothermia and any factors that could trigger a fall in immunity.