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Anaplasmosis: treatment, symptoms, Genin and men, the causes of the disease

Many people do not know about the existence of such diseases as anaplasmosis, especially about the harm that can bring this disease. Despite the fact that in the world there are more well-known and serious disease, the deleterious effects of anaplasmosis should not be underestimated. For clarity of the situation it should be noted that these microorganisms are caught in organisms of many people, without revealing its presence to a certain point, while they will have created the most favorable environment. They can cause development of many diseases such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, inflammation of the uterine appendages, and even lead to premature delivery and miscarriage.

Causes and diagnostics of a ureaplasmosis

First of all, you need to define what we're dealing with. Ureaplasmosis was opened about seventy years ago. Clinical research has found that this symbiosis between the unicellular organism and the virus. However, in modern medicine, ureaplasmosis relates to bacteria. Some time this infection is treated the Mycoplasma, but after a more detailed study took her to another category.

It should be noted that the ureaplasmosis is difficult to diagnose myself, because in the initial stages no pronounced symptoms. The person does not feel any discomfort and generally learns about the problem at a fairly advanced stage. This is the evil ureaplasmosis. This is usually manifested by inflammation of the urogenital system. To identify ureaplasmosis against other infections of the genitourinary system quite problematic, therefore, in the absence of other bacteria or viruses, we can safely say that the culprit is inflammation of the organism.

An experienced doctor may order additional laboratory analysis in the presence of certain diseases that usually accompany this infection. These include: urethritis, urolithiasis, etc. However, you need to have absolute confidence that the causative agent of these diseases is a Ureaplasma.

Ureaplasmosis can still refer more to women's diseases than men's. This is evidenced by medical statistics. For example, in infant boys it is diagnosed five times less frequently than girls. For numbers needed to clarify that thirty percent of baby girls are carriers of anaplasmosis in the nasopharynx or on the genitals. The same statistics claims that more than half of all women are carriers of the disease. In this respect, men were more fortunate, the percentage of carriers of anaplasmosis is much lower.

It is believed that the disease is not transmitted through everyday, ratherthe number of such cases is extremely low.

Usually infection with a ureaplasmosis occurs either sexually or during birth, the mother passes the infection to the child.

Symptoms ureaplasmosis

As with every disease, caused by pernicious microorganisms Ureaplasma has an incubation period that ranges from two to four weeks. In men, the symptoms like itchiness in the area of the urethra, burning, small but periodic whitish discharge from the urethra. In women the main symptoms are unusual vaginal discharge, itching of the mucosa of the vagina, frequent and painful urination and lower abdominal pain.

All of the above symptoms, it becomes clear that the ureaplasmosis is not a harmless disease. No symptoms of Ureaplasma in the development of infection in the body leads to more serious consequences, often irreversible. In case of late diagnosis of anaplasmosis, the disease becomes chronic stage and cause a lot of complications. Thus, it once again has to convince us to be checked regularly by a doctor and the need for regular laboratory tests.

Treatment of a ureaplasmosis

Treatment of anaplasmosis consists primarily in eliminating the causes preceding the disease and created a favorable environment for activation of the bacteria, and then the destruction of the infection itself. First, you must strengthen the immune system and reduce the effect of factors that can reduce it.

Antibacterial treatment method used to destroy ureaplasmosis, i.e. the treatment with antibiotics. It should be noted that the microorganism is easily adaptable to antibiotics, if used constantly and not following the rules of the antibiotic treatment. For maximum efficiency of action of drugs, is the so-called bacterial seeding, with the help of which you can determine the reaction of the organism to those or other antibiotics and prescribe treatment. Usually, for the treatment of diseases of this type are used antibiotics such as macrolides or fluoroquinolones. A prerequisite is the complete course of the treatment, as otherwise, the infection can easily adapt to the medication and become immune to it. Treatment of a ureaplasmosis antibiotics should be carried out exactly as directed by your doctor and following instructions.

It is highly recommended to use a range of auxiliary measures, such as drugs stimulating the immune system, physiotherapy and microbicides.

Notto get infected again, if two partners got sick at the same time, treatment should be carried out in parallel, eliminating an intimate relationship, even when using contraception.

The consequences of the disease

By and large, most often ureaplasmosis women, but men also it is not necessary to lose vigilance, as for them harmful micro-organisms are not less than the greater threat. In particular, men are threatened by such diseases as:

  • male infertility;
  • prostatitis (the Bane of men after forty);
  • the decrease in the number and activity of sperm.

In other words advanced forms of ureaplasmosis can lead to fatal and irreversible consequences in the lives of women and men. This detection and treatment is a must.

In addition to the pronounced effects of anaplasmosis should be noted side effects. These are:

  • the lowering of the tone of the body;
  • resistance to diseases;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • inflammation of the joints.