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A mole on the lip: value above the upper and lower lip on the right and left

The winner of the mole above the lip are considered to be charming and happy. These marks on the facial skin and attract the attention of the opposite sex and are fatal. What is the meaning of moles located in the lips on the woman, and why they cause such interest?

The meaning of moles on the skin

Flies above the lip are considered to be a specific energy channel, which provides communication media moles with the external forces and flows of energy, at least so considered in narrow circles.

The marks on his face did not change the fate, but only tell you what can wait for the person, what his character and what he is predisposed. Moles in the lips pokroviteljstvom Venus, add sexuality, and reports about the ease of life of its owner, like the aforementioned pagan Goddess.

To learn the detailed meaning of moles on the lip, it is necessary to consider their location on the skin surface, and a value different from what we have when considering taking the right decision.

Men who have these moles are always able to achieve the target, are able to quickly find a way out of difficult situations and overcome fear and doubt.

Moles on the lips

If the mole is located on the lip, its owner motivated and able to refuse the tempting offers to achieve this goal.

Fly on the lips of men reports about leadership and the desire to always be in the forefront. However, these people maintain the decency and generosity, in spite of that they will not go against their beliefs and opinions.

Significance of moles based on their location

Depending on the location of the moles you can find more accurate information about the person. If mole located in the mouth area, it is the owner of a very conniving, rude, and overbearing.

Such people are typically not passionate in their love for their husbands and children, but they are able to make a great career, to gain special respect in society, and their lives are fully devoted to their beloved.

If the mole is on the left side of the upper lip, the woman is cheerful, immediate and easy disposition. Holders of moles on the lip in the left side a little frivolous, Flirty people who love the rich costumes, jewelry and seeking fashion.

Often these women are faithful lovers, basking in male attention and forgetting the problems of everyday life. However, most of these women make kind and careful mother. If the media mole – man, he's attractive, seductive, and is in high demand among women.

Moles at the center of the lips speak about independence. Such women are hard to conquer, they will always do as they see fit, regardless of the obligations andpromises.

Men who have such signs on the lips, I prefer the bachelor life, and rarely to part with it, but if they get married, never fall under the influence of women and know how to keep everything under control.

Moles located on the corner of her mouth, misleading about sexuality. If the mole is on the right side – its owner defenseless, looking for care and love, something similar can be found In General, doctors recommend thoroughly to treat moles on the lips, do not expose it to prolonged sunlight and harmful environmental factors.

As for removal, in this area of the face to remove moles is not recommended because the skin around lips is very delicate and can heal for a very long time, leaving scars. It is not necessary to turn to the help of national funds, as they usually only discolor the pigment without removing the mole itself. If you do something wrong, the tumor may become inflamed and start to grow. The wounds on the face will not look very nice and can stay for life.

For this reason, it is recommended to go to the doctor just in case the mole begins to grow and interfere. In other cases it is better to abandon the removal of the cute spots on the face, often like men.