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What to do if you scratched a mole

Moles continually causing a huge number of fears and myths about its mechanical damage. This particularly applies to the widespread fear that if the mole to pick open, it can lead to death.

Let's talk today, what dangers hide a birthmark, its damage, and how to fear it all.

Initially, almost everyone is aware of the fact that the mole is best not to touch. However, some nevi may be located in places where it is almost impossible to avoid mechanical damage to the moles. For example, it concerns the location at the level of the belt, in the armpits, in the bikini area, where often a person shaves, and can cut off the mole.

What are moles is always dangerous when damaged

In the first place is extremely dangerous seem large moles that grow in size. You can specify that this is a rapidly growing neoplasms. If damage to pick open just such a mole, you should immediately contact a doctor-oncologist. It will be useful to the reader material — the Problem with this nevus in that it can be a cancerous mole – melanoma. Common stories about how after mechanical damage to people literally within weeks died suddenly, not myths. However, it is necessary to clarify that such damage was just led to the fact that the cancer intensified, and began to rapidly progress.

In addition, a large birthmark, even if it's not melanoma yet, is always fraught with the danger of degeneration or mechanical damage. Therefore, these warts doctors recommend to remove in advance.

Mechanical damage and moles

Basically all the moles in mechanical damage can act in two directions. The first most common and harmless – bleeding, mole prizhivaetsya and all is well.

Despite the fact that outwardly it looks quite daunting, in that the damage is nothing to worry about. The abundance of blood can only talk about the fact that the damaged was just a birthmark, the hemangioma, so it's all right. It is sufficient to cauterize the place of trauma with hydrogen peroxide.

In addition, please provide the comfortable existence of mole on the skin. For example, you should avoid not only razgovarivali moles, but:

  • The direct ultraviolet rays.
  • Chemical burns.
  • Cut while shaving.

Do note that so far there is no evidence that trauma to the moles of 100% leads to its rebirth, so it is likely the working principle of preventing problems. so it is important to know what are the nevi, and is there a danger, ifdiscovered the Majority of doctors recommends, in this case, do not panic, but calmly to disinfect the injury site and appear in case the doctor. Mortality from melanoma development is minimal, but still, to neglect the damage is not worth it.

If the mole is not the first time proved to be mechanically damaged and is at a very inconvenient place, then it is best just to delete. Good tools for this.

However, if after damage the mole began to change, began to increase in size, swell, change color and cheer, this is a cause for immediate treatment to an oncologist.

What are the signs of rebirth in the damage moles

There is a certain set of signs of the beginning of the degeneration of nevi, which occur just after the patient faster to gnaw off the mole. Note that it can be:

  • The emergence of itching. A mole starts to itch constantly and it happens just after it has been mechanically damaged.
  • Bleeding. It is important to note that the bleeding should not be long, however, if the mole continues to bleed, this suggests that you are running the mechanisms of its regeneration.
  • The nevus once was recovered, I'm getting in shape.
  • A mole is changing in color once was kovyrnut.
  • Appears clear on newuse and inflammation in the surrounding tissues.
  • Mole changes its structure and it becomes visible even to the naked eye.
  • On newuse fall out all the hair.

Thus, it can be concluded that after the damage moles need to be examined by a doctor. Even if this is not done immediately, it is necessary to track the condition of the nevus, if there is the slightest change in his condition after he was recovered. In General, before directed to the removal of the nevus, it would be good to understand, and is it dangerous to remove moles?

Simple pigmented spot of the mole after a single damage will not cause harm to the body and will not be hazardous to health and to life. It all depends on the nevus and recurrence of its damage.