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Removal of white bumps on the head

A lump or lipoma is the most common type of benign tumor that develops under the human skin of fatty tissue. Note that, despite the slow development and growth of Wen, in the end, it can reach a diameter of several centimeters, in rare cases, the lump may reach up to 10 cm in diameter.

Quite often, the lump appears on the head and it is about this location and how its removal we will talk today.

Specify that the lump can be formed in any age but

  • The tumor begins to show signs of pain.
  • Appeared inflammation.
  • The Wen will dramatically change the color, size and shape.
  • They Wen beginning to leak fluid.
  • Appeared discomfort.
  • Wen is starting to deliver obvious discomfort.

Why it is sometimes necessary to remove Wen

Method of treatment of Wen like this does not exist, and the only solution is

However, the most dangerous thing that can happen with the Wen, this is his rebirth into a malignant tumor. Found such a rebirth is extremely rare, but cases are recorded.

Note that you can optionally pass the examination on the ultrasound, an x-ray or a CT scan.

After the diagnosis and immediately before surgical removal, the patient must take a blood test for HIV, hepatitis.

Removal of fatty lipoma

The most conservative way to remove the Wen the head is prompt surgical intervention.

In this case, to produce local anesthesia. Wen carefully opened with a scalpel, its contents are completely removed. The content definitely goes further for histological examination.

The method is good, but he always leaves a noticeable scar. In principle, it is not critical, given that the head is hidden by hair, but if the Wen was in the open, or on the bald head, the scar will be impossible to hide.

There are also some modern and non-surgical methods of removal of a Wen from the head, which do not leave behind scarring or scars.

  • The method of cryodestruction. The method involves the use of liquid nitrogen, which destroys the tissue Wen low temperature.
  • Laser removal. This is a very effective method in which the laser beam has an effect only on the tissue Wen without affecting the surrounding tissue. Deletion is responsible for all cosmetic requirements, that is, guarantee the absence of postoperative scar. This method is convenient and that does not require hospitalization of the patient, and the period of rehabilitation after the removal is only 4-5 days.
  • The radio wave method. Herea Wen removed by special radiowave scalpel. Note that among the indisputable advantages of the method is not only painless removal of fatty lipoma, but the absence of scars and no complications.

Complications after surgical removal

As a rule. Surgical removal does not give a clear complication, however, in some cases, complications do occur. Define under which manifestations should again consult a doctor:

  • Swelling place surgery.
  • Formation of hematoma.
  • Infection and inflammation.
  • Temporary loss of sensitivity in the area of operations.
  • The accumulation of fluid.
  • Colloidal scarring.