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Treatment of nail fungus on legs folk remedies:

Foot fungus is one of the most frequent and prevalent diseases, observed more than a quarter of all people.

Most of them are unaware that they are carriers of fungal infection, as fungal infection can appear invisible and not manifest itself for a long time.

Fungal diseases on the feet not only causes discomfort, pain and itching, but can cause slow poisoning of the body, while the accumulation of fungus in the blood. Learn more about this type of mycosis can be read in our article Why it's important not to forget about the rules of personal hygiene, to monitor the cleanliness of the feet and to take all measures to avoid infection.

Causes of fungal infections on feet

Fungus quite easily enters the body through small cracks, abrasions, and wounds on the legs, which are formed as a result of wearing tight shoes. Especially infection can accumulate in the folds between the toes as the result of perspiration or dehydration of the skin on the feet.

Not thoroughly wiped his feet after the shower or bath can be a source of education hotbed of fungal diseases. Including the reason of occurrence of fungi on the skin of the feet may be:

  • diseases of the endocrine,
  • cardiovascular,
  • the immune system
  • flat feet,
  • varicose veins,
  • diabetes
  • nervous strain as a result of stress.

To purchase a fungus in close contact with a carrier of the infection, as well as through clothes, personal hygiene items and the premises where the patient was.

Favorable places for infection are the public showers, baths, saunas, gyms, solariums and other institutions.

The fungus gets into the nail plate grows slowly and reproduces. Occupying the entire surface of the nail, it begins to spread to a wider area, moving to healthy skin areas, and there is required to study information about how the Feet should be dipped in this solution and hold for a few minutes. Healthy skin on legs covered in brown and skin will appear bright.

Be sure to seek the advice of a dermatologist. The doctor will take skin cells for analysis, conduct the analysis in the laboratory and determine the presence or absence of the fungus, as well as identify the exact type of infection. The results of the survey will be assigned to a specific treatment.

In addition to standard methods of treatment using medicines can be treatment by applying traditional methods, which will accelerate the healing process.

Including folk methods will help prevent the spread of the fungus at an early stage of the disease. Beloweffective treatments that are proven many years ago.

How to treat fungus with the help of folk remedies

Onions to cure foot fungus. This is a fairly easy and affordable way to cure fungal diseases. You must grate the onion on a grater, squeeze out the resulting slurry onion juice and lubricate this part of the affected skin on the feet. After drying the juice to wash his feet should not be.

Solution of sea salt to cure foot fungus. Using this method to get rid of the fungus is possible in ten days. Twice a day morning and evening it is necessary to wash the affected feet in a solution of sea pour. The solution is prepared at a ratio of one teaspoon to one Cup of water. A piece of cotton dipped in salty liquid and is applied to the foot rests, while the wool is not completely dries. Next, the feet should be washed in a solution of baking soda, which is prepared in the same proportion as salt solution. After the feet are wiped dry.

Garlic to cure foot fungus. Painful areas of skin treated with tincture of garlic. You need to prepare a saline solution at a ratio of one teaspoon of salt in one liter of water. In a tablespoon of salt liquid is added crushed garlic as the number one segments. Using the gauze composition is pressed and to the resulting slurry added another four tablespoons of salt liquid.

The mixture should be lubricated twice a day the affected areas. For each procedure a new solution. This approach is similar to If the fungus has someone close to you, you need to make every effort to infection has not occurred. The carrier of the infection should use socks so as not to infect others, and to abandon the habit of sitting on the couch or bed with legs.

Before you take a bath, you should rinse it any antimicrobial agent that kills a fungus. All funds for the care of the hands should be wiped with alcohol solution before applying them.

If the media is infection share the bed with anyone, the patient must sleep in socks, and bed linen requires weekly replacement.

To wear shoes is treated from the inside using Apple cider vinegar, formalin solution or acetic acid 40%.

Preventive measures against foot fungus

Not to catch a fungal infection, it is important not to use someone else's shoes even. It is better to bring a change of shoes or be in socks. With the onset of cold weather or hot season need time to change the shoes and prevent feet sweating because the fungus likes to breed on wet skin.

At the hotel's pools, public showers, saunas, baths you need to use rubber slates. Inthe bath, before you sit down, you need to douse a shelf or bench boiling water and put a sheet or towel.

Do not walk barefoot in public places and beaches, as in the hot wet sand can contain particles of skin infected with fungus. In the bathroom it is better to only use rubber mats to prevent moisture did not stay in the folded matter. Including the rubber surface can be washed frequently, if it turned out to be pieces of the affected skin.

After bathing the feet and the skin between the toes should be carefully wiped with a towel so that the skin did not stay moist. Your underwear and tights should be changed every day and prevent them from humidity. Tools for manicure should be kept in a separate box and not allow to be used by outsiders. The same applies to sponges, tooth brushes and other personal hygiene items.

Shoes should be changed every two days, she has had time to dry and air out from the smell. When buying shoes in the store are not good on bare feet. It is important to regularly care for your feet, avoid athlete's foot, formation of calluses, sores and cracks on the feet.

Upon contact with a carrier of the infection or suspicion of interaction with the fungus it is necessary to wipe the feet with a cotton swab moistened with vinegar, or carefully rinse the feet with tar soap. Always be careful not to forget about observance of measures of personal hygiene.