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Seborrhea scalp: treatment, photo

Seborrhea, the exact name of the disease sounds like seborrhea of the scalp, or seborrheic dermatitis, is a chronic disease of the skin. The root cause of seborrhea is always hidden in the process of quantitative change, and most importantly, quality content subcutaneous fat.

Factors, which provoke a disturbance of the subcutaneous fat can be problems with the immune system, its decline, and hormone disruption, metabolic disorders in the body, constant stress.

The types of seborrhea scalp

The types of seborrhea can always be divided according to the nature of the symptoms and clinical picture, and based on this, we define:

  • Dry seborrhea. Caused by this kind of the fact that the level of sebum secretion is initially depending on the increased level of sebum secretion. The scalp is covered with dandruff, which look like white flakes. Scales appear due to the fact that there is a serious peeling of the top layer of the skin. Here you can watch the changing of the structure of the hair, it becomes brittle and fragile and dry.
  • Oily seborrhea. Here there is a reverse process, the secretion, in comparison with the previous species. From the sebaceous ducts of the extended mouth of that produce a large amount of fat. As a result, the scalp is covered with yellowish particles of dandruff. The hair greasy and shiny. However, the luster of the hair unhealthy, and this seborrhea is often accompanied by hair loss.
  • Mixed seborrhea. Here are two of the first seborrheic dermatitis only in the mixed type, that is, we are dealing with a combination, in which different parts of the head has its own changes.

The treatment of seborrhea

Seborrhea is one of theses diseases, the treatment of which medicine is still there response, flexible and accurate.

Important! We note immediately that the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis is always represented by a complex approach, which allows to achieve positive results.

In the treatment there are several areas that are combined to achieve the goal.

Let's start with the medication. It consists of the use of various antifungal drugs that contain basically the active ingredient of Azol. For example, you might mention the Ketoconazole. This is a very effective tool in the treatment of seborrhea, based on it created shampoos and creams. The drug has a pronounced fungicidal and fungistatic action, not just slow the growth of fungus on the scalp, but to destroy it. As a result, normalizes the sebaceous glands, plus a stronger

In addition to the ultraviolet light in the treatment of seborrheic physiotherapy cryomassage methods used. Judging by the title, we are talking about the impact on the funguslow temperatures, which inhibit its development, destroying the spores on the scalp.

Important! In the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, there is great importance to the care of the scalp. Here you need to use it therapeutic shampoos, which have to wash my hair. As we have mentioned above, well suited for this purpose shampoo based on ketoconazole. In General, the hygiene of the scalp and hair seborrhea important moment in the complex and just treatment and prevention.

Diet. During the treatment of seborrhea diet plays an important and peculiar role. Let's start with the fact that the diet itself is always useful, and seborrhea it does not allow the fungus to grow, plus helps to regulate the sebaceous glands or production of subcutaneous fat.

When dieting, in the treatment of seborrhea, it is recommended to limit or completely eliminate from your diet the following products:

  • All savoury dishes.
  • Fatty foods.
  • Preservatives, meat, fish, vegetables.
  • Carbohydrates, talking about baked goods.
  • To limit the consumption of sugar and sweets in General.

As for the food in this period, it is always a beneficial effect on hair and scalp have dairy products, milk, yogurt. In addition, a great diet of vegetables and fruits, food that has high fiber content.

Vitamins. This is another part of a comprehensive treatment of seborrhea, and vitamins can be attributed to the important and necessary part of the process.

Vitamins can be consumed along with food, the diet developed as we wrote above, with all the requirements of treatment, you can just take vitamin complexes. Recommended to take vitamins A and b, and special attention is given to B1, B2 and B6, B7 and groups D and E.

And, of course, in the treatment of seborrhea is always important to the hygiene of scalp hair, frequent exposure to fresh air, uplift and support the immune system.